Transparency – Blog No. 34


Transparent means see-through.  I do not say that because I am being facetious – or provocative, for that matter, I say that because it is increasingly clear to me that the word ‘transparency’ has been as misinterpreted, falsely bandied about and used frequently as a cheap smokescreen in the very same way that the word ‘truth’ has.  So it is time to set that misunderstanding – and I am being extremely polite – straight.  Transparent does not mean selective sharing.  It does not mean that only the most appropriate aspects – or answers – are offered up for assessment.  It means everything – absolutely everything- about whatever seems questionable is opened to public scrutiny and then it is analysed, processed and dispensed with.  Transparency is essential if one wishes to exhume the truth.

If you cannot be transparent at least once in your lifetime, you are going to have problems when you end your days.  That is a given.  Those who will hide from themselves and those that will keep vitally important secrets from those who need to know why things are like they are, are not only causing for themselves grave circumstance, they are in fact preventing this entire world from facing its past agonies in order that it can heal and move on.  Without knowing the truth of any pain source, healing cannot begin.  Anyone who will prevent another – or ALL others – from healing is a cruel and merciless person indeed.  Perhaps to them, their reasons are good enough.  For the majority, though, those who will attempt to thwart the success of our collective future by refusing to reveal the real reasons oppression – and every other social evil or human malady – exists are ultimately held accountable for everything.  An innocent will never be held accountable for atrocities committed in their names and then hidden.  Those who are complicit in the hiding, are as guilty as those who perpetuate the dishonesty.  They will suffer the same fate.

Transparency is one of the hardest skills to master in this bent world that is built on a bed of lies.  That is the first problem.  If I tell you how many other problems this world is currently facing, you might not get up tomorrow morning.  So I won’t.  I will tell you what you need to know, exactly when you need to know it – the very same way I tell myself.  There is not time to waste on knowing more than you need to when you don’t need to know it.  If you get my drift.  It is your choice.  You can listen, or you can choose to continue burying your heads in the sand.  Either way makes no difference to my personal outcome.  My outcome, is already out.  Instead of burying my head like the rest of the populace, I drew a line in the sand.  And then, I moved on.



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