Love letters


Love Letters To My Soul


Love is a word that suggests unity. Definitely.

It also suggests an immaculate togetherness.

And … that makes me happy.



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3 responses to “Love letters

  1. The Vietnam War required us to emphasize the national interest rather than abstract principles. What President Nixon and I tried to do was unnatural. And that is why we didn’t make it.
    – Henry A. Kissinger , Statesman

    The Kissinger has sat on the United States Constitution when he changed Constitutional rights to Jungle law let he build colonialism of the United States of America in the Vietnam War.

  2. quangbright

    Good Morning America,

    The Bush’s son has been built up for ISIS that it is growing up today, if he did not invade to Iraq county, so our world will not be chaotic. or not, he did not violate to other sovereignty as our America’s Constitution has declared, so our world would is peaceful more than today because his ambition is limitless of invader to others sovereignty – so-called he wished made a policeman of the world . How would our American President keep his loyal oaths with our America’s Constitution? In other hand, this Bush’s son case was to look like the Vietnam War, because when Republic of Vietnam did not violate to our United States of America, but our United States of America did not only invade to Vietnam but also play a war game again because the Kissinger has audaciously declared and said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.” What did the Kissinger keep promise with America’s Constitution that it is to be anti- lies and patriotic loyal oath with America’s Constitution? If our civil American citizens were lies and anti- loyal oaths, so Supreme Court and Department of Justice ought to prosecute and to send to the American jails forever. What can we do for our Bill of Rights and Tenth Amendments of America’s Constitution have declared ? As we, the American people have understood about the Vietnam War, which was approved by the American Congress and was to be come to America’s Constitution already, but after April 30, 1975, the Kissinger and his American strategists did not compensate any pennies for imprisoned benefit insurance of ours; since, many American strategists and Kissinger have happily been pleasure making rich and then seeing for us live in Vietnamese communist concentration camps for the long years, almost of us were deadly in communist jails and others were wounded. As a results, all of us were bankrupted our properties and our happiness. What can we do for our United States Bill of Rights, and International treaties — Universal Declaration of Human Rights to approve us execute of our value sublime of democracy, freedom and justice to the reasons why are because of our civil rights seem no protective to us clear spirit value matter to lose let’s seek protectiveness who have an effectual awareness of the matter for carrying out since of us patriot’s affidavit loyalty under the United States Flag?

  3. Helen Ree

    :* :* beautiful


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