The Way it Is – Blog No. 36

The phoenix rises, carrying her in his talons.

Monday 27 July 2015

It will not be the first time I have been in this predicament. It seems to be an occupational hazard. Luckily for me, the last time this shit hit my fan I had some wingmen to help me deflect the fallout. I cannot tell you how many I had – I did not take the time to count. I took the time to turn and take note of everything in this planet’s trash can. That was not a particularly delightful process but it needed doing and it is done. In part. The other bits are yet in the mix, we will see what comes out of that wash.

A love is a love is a love. That will never change. Unconditional can do that. So can pure Love. That makes 2 out of 3 that can. The rest – well, they will find out where they are when they get there. I won’t be there, so I don’t know. And that is not me being shitty, that is me saying it as I see it. I cannot do much more than that. If I say nothing, I am complicit in the shit that ravages this planet and I cannot be complicit in that since my objective is to save this place. Therefore – it would be counterproductive for me to sabotage my own projects. I mean that would just be stupid. I know this probably doesn’t sound much like a love letter, but it is. There are more than 5. :). But 5 for starters is good enough, after that I would suggest a 3 skip 2 and take 1. Like I add up a pie chart in colour. How is our business. Why is theirs’. The thing about Sparta is that it is for Spartans. Like other clubs are for other things. I do not think there is much point in finding out right now who exactly has done what, where. The fact that it is done is to me more mind-blowing than any stupid public opinion bullshit. This is unparalleled and I – for one – am not going to miss it. You can explain it any way you like. I really don’t mind. I am documenting my actuality – our reality – and I simply do not feel – or think – that small-minded bigots and narcissistic bitches (small b because they are SO common) with ‘CRITIC’ for a middle name have any say in this business whatsoever. They are an unnecessary distraction from what is actually of consequence and it is vital to get rid of the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak. Someone said that sometime.

Nice try. :). Batman. I will allow you to try on my bat catsuit. It is fluffy and pink. Ask him – he knows what is fluffy and pink with poles and bubbles. I think he is my business associate. :D. He is a very honourable man. That is what men are supposed to be. The Flying Knights were the Norse Gods II. Which came first is of consequence. If the Gods turned into shitty Knights then that is bad luck for them. If it is the other way around, then that can be considered a good outcome. Yes. And I said the next person that says ONE word about my life-work that I consider rude will get a slap. A fat one. My work may be different to what you are conditioned to understand about ‘working’ but that does not make it less taxing, or less demanding. I think we sometimes forget that as individuals with a tap into the collective unconscious we are all liable to suffer the residuals that accompany that tapping. That does not mean that your suffering is necessarily comparable to mine, or that mine is remotely comparable to yours – but it does mean that we have something in common. Common ground is always a good place to begin.

There are so many things that I wonder about. There are so many things I can understand. I am Alice. I am the Cat. Those are absolutely essential in this scheme of things. Not quite alter-egos, but aspects of quite a curious personality. Alice can think out of the box. That is necessary in Wonderland. I mean in Wonderland you can drown in a pool of your own tears if you cannot swim. Wonderland is necessary as an alternative reality to the one we currently find ourselves a part of. I think that is easy to understand. Our reality – although it IS improving – is hardly ideal. But I am not an idealist. Alice is. That is her prerogative. It takes an extraordinary level of concentration to keep a pure vision on track. Well – personally – I prefer pure to impure. Call me old-fashioned. I write what I want. I love what I love. I say what I like. That is karma. The wonderful thing about this world is that you get what you give. When you give is not of consequence in the immediacy – it depends on what you did last time around. That affects your future past. If you can adapt your now to amend your future past then you are in the pound-seats.


We can both see beyond. That is both a blessing and a curse. I choose to see more blessing in it. That is just me. I tend towards the positives. They give your wings, wings. Negatives get you nowhere. That is why I am a proton. Occasionally an electron gets in the way and neutrons are just that – neutrons. They sit on fences. Fences are fine until they are bulldozed down. Then if you are on one, you have a problem. You will see your arse.



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2 responses to “The Way it Is – Blog No. 36

  1. lpaulick

    C.J., very important (!) that you continue on saying what you think, loving what you love, being who you are, and anyone who questions that gets a big friggin’ slap and an opportunity to see the inside of the toilet bowl.

    I don’t have a complete understanding of your context here, by any means, but the tiny part that I do hear, I believe, is that you have been asked to fight for the legitimacy of your own voice? Is this true? Well, that’s fucked up.

    You’ll win the game, you’re the one with the strength!

    Hear, hear.

  2. quangbright

    Good Morning America,

    The Bush’s son has been built up for ISIS that it is growing up today, if he did not invade to Iraq county, so our world will not be chaotic. or not, he did not violate to other sovereignty as our America’s Constitution has declared, so our world would is peaceful more than today because his ambition is limitless of invader to others sovereignty – so-called he wished made a policeman of the world . How would our American President keep his loyal oaths with our America’s Constitution? In other hand, this Bush’s son case was to look like the Vietnam War, because when Republic of Vietnam did not violate to our United States of America, but our United States of America did not only invade to Vietnam but also play a war game again because the Kissinger has audaciously declared and said, “Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.” What did the Kissinger keep promise with America’s Constitution that it is to be anti- lies and patriotic loyal oath with America’s Constitution? If our civil American citizens were lies and anti- loyal oaths, so Supreme Court and Department of Justice ought to prosecute and to send to the American jails forever. What can we do for our Bill of Rights and Tenth Amendments of America’s Constitution have declared ? As we, the American people have understood about the Vietnam War, which was approved by the American Congress and was to be come to America’s Constitution already, but after April 30, 1975, the Kissinger and his American strategists did not compensate any pennies for imprisoned benefit insurance of ours; since, many American strategists and Kissinger have happily been pleasure making rich and then seeing for us live in Vietnamese communist concentration camps for the long years, almost of us were deadly in communist jails and others were wounded. As a results, all of us were bankrupted our properties and our happiness. What can we do for our United States Bill of Rights, and International treaties — Universal Declaration of Human Rights to approve us execute of our value sublime of democracy, freedom and justice to the reasons why are because of our civil rights seem no protective to us clear spirit value matter to lose let’s seek protectiveness who have an effectual awareness of the matter for carrying out since of us patriot’s affidavit loyalty under the United States Flag?

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