Viva la Vista – Blog No. 38

Viva la Vista


It is not always easy to find the right words for what you want to say.  Unless you make sure that when you spoke the first time there were no misunderstandings.  That, too, is not easy.  But then *yawn* ‘nothing worth having was ever easy to get’.  Like I said once upon a time:  Of course doors open in the ‘adjusted’ state.  They are just not doors that I would choose to go through.  :).  Have a nice day.

I am wondering these days about empowerment.  How best to empower.  I think we all want to be empowered.  We’d also all like our own home and nice food to eat.  That is our common ground.  As is that place across the line.  Those of us that crossed it are in a good place.  Why?  Because we were brave enough to draw it in the first place.  That is empowering.  All choices are empowering.  Even – I suspect – the shit ones, for a short space of time.  Like a psychopath chooses to end another’s life.  Therein lies their power, their pleasure.  But it is fleeting, that kind of power.  That warped sort of pleasure.  Real empowerment cannot be taken away – ever.  And the pleasure it brings is ever-lasting.

There was a race of dragons to the edge of the precipice.  The cliff came sooner than expected for many.  That is because the cold kept coming and cleaving it – leaving shards of rock falling into the abyss.  Its lifespan got shorter and shorter.  That happens to mountains that are not adaptable.  That is also because they have the predominant aspect of lemmings.  You remember what happened to the rats that followed the Pied Piper?  They started the plague.

A-tishoo A-tishoo – they all fall down.  Confiscate their winged horses.  They do not deserve to ride.  Nor do they know the little piggy who built the brick house.  They built their bullshit castle from cards.

There is a Boys’ and Girls’ Town down the road from me.  I think I should like to work there.  :).  Unless, of course, they abuse children.  Then I want to save all the children.  :).




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  1. White sand beach and warmer weather looks better than where I spend winter in a tent with colder temps and rain.

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