Boredom – Blog No. 39


‘Boredom finds work for the Devil’s hands’.  I think the bible says something like that.  I think the Devil also gets hairs on his hands whenever you masturbate.  That is basically what we know about the Devil.  The rest – I do believe he is yet to tell us himself.  I think his MO has changed.  As has his HO.  I know that after a time any Devil gets tired of being demonised and decides to move on to pastures greener.  Before he moves on though, he is sure to leave his reputation behind him so that it can precede him.  That way, from the other side he can get busy being objective instead of scaring people.  He can see the damage having a reputation does in the first place and he can meet it head-on when it comes, with his truth.  No one else cares what the Devil’s truth is, so in that he is fortunate.  Extremely so.  He can build on it in peace without having to impact the opinions of idiots.  With the Devil the first thing to learn is to expect the unexpected.  When you are expecting the expected he will deliver to you your expectations.  Instead, if you trust that even the most monstrous war-mongering and blood-thirsty demon that was stuffed down the Devil’s throat in Purgatory has another name by which it goes then you will know that even the Devil had a specific job to do and deserves his retirement.  One thing about the Devil that you should be certain about – however you wish to perceive him – is that he leaves the places he ends up cleaner than when he found them.  His tendency towards cleanliness – on the one hand – is obsessively compulsive.  His motivation is not entirely altruistic, however.  He does enjoy a tidy household, but he cleans with an added insight.  He knows that when he enters Heaven, finally, to rest, it will have been left completely empty.  So he leaves Hell the same way he would like to find Heaven.  As if it is expecting visitors.  Incidentally, I don’t believe the Devil – with the list of shit he is supposed to be responsible for – would have time to be even remotely bored.  Therefore – boredom does not find work for the Devil’s hands.  I am not sure whose hands ‘boredom’ does find a use for, but be sure whatever, whomever:  blood never washes out.

And that then begs the question:  for whose hands does boredom ‘make’ work?

Being bored is supposed to be some sort of sin.  An abomination of human Nature, inconceivable in a ‘world like ours’ so we must pretend it doesn’t exist.  Boredom exists.  It is a waste of potential energy.  The more you do, the more you will find that you can do; a simple antidote providing you are doing those things that you love to do.  If you are being battery-farmed for an enterprise in which you have no faith, no wonder you encounter boredom – and usually, unproductivity.  The energy needed to get and be busy doing something that bores you takes more out of you than the work itself does, but temporary boredom must not thwart you.  Just find yourself a new job.


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  1. “The devil makes work for idle hands.”
    Yeah he’s a bad guy. Nice piece C.J.

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