When it’s a matter of necessity – Blog No. 44


There are times when there is no time to worry about counting the hours.  The hours are not the problem.  It’s the minutes that matter.  Kind of like quality, not quantity.  When those times come it makes sense to work out the difference between wants and needs.  Wanting something enough – like wishing with a pure heart – can sometimes bring to you what you desire, but there is no guarantee.  Wants are considered greedy, by some, it would seem.  They needn’t be seen that way.  Like wanting world peace – that is a worthy want, as is wanting food in your stomach every day.  Needs are considered more urgent than wants, usually, but this is not necessarily the every case.  I’d prefer to want world peace now than to be in a position where we NEED world peace now.  There is a distinct difference.

It is important to establish need priorities.  Remember, there are fundamental priorities that you perhaps neglect – like finding a place every single day where you can simply sit for a bit and feel safe.  Or perhaps giving yourself plenty of space to maintain your dream(s), to see another side to your life and build with it.  Those are basic needs and should be first on your priority list.  Once you have tended to your necessities you are in a better position to tend to the rest of everything that needs tending these days.

There are too many people on this planet whose needs are not being met.  What do they say?  When you take care of your employees, your employees will take care of your customers.  I think that should be the basic mission statement of every single company on this planet that considers itself to be a part of the ‘service industry’.  If you cannot provide the service for which you are charging people your business should be shut down and you should be blacklisted – end of story.  People have become too accepting of a lethargy in the marketplace, in life.  Like nothing or no one is worth any effort – that life is a chore.  That is not a good mindset – so make it change.

If you cannot be bothered to do whatever it is that you do to the best of your ability, then do not do it at all.



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