I think I thought I am – Blog No. 43


Punctuate that.  See what every variation means to you.  Then describe how each meaning feels in your context.  Like you find the same 4 chords in most of the songs you can bring to mind.  And because some things do not run according to ABCDE, it does not mean they are chaotic.  Shuffle the letters around now and again and you get an interesting new perspective which teaches you to question.  In order to question, you first need to think – not to open your mouth the minute a thought pops into your head.  Manage your thinking, choose your thoughts.  If you know the answer, don’t ask stupid questions.  If you don’t – or are confused – then ask for sure.  Like asking whether you may or may not gives you at least a 50% chance of getting a yes.  If you don’t ask, then it is 100% no.  Those are good odds when you have both nothing – and everything – to lose.

Whether you are or are not is not a matter of public opinion, neither is it relative.  You are when you decide to be.  You do not require the approval of any family that lives vicariously through you, for instance.  You do not need anyone’s permission to be true to yourself.  Ever.  That is your gift to yourself, your authenticity.  Those who will inhibit your personal growth are neither authentic friends nor are they remotely trustworthy.  Their agendas are their own and can therefore be dispensed with.  Any hindrance to self-actualisation along the path you forge for your own feet must be viewed with suspicion.  And those that will heap the shame of ages upon the new generations need a fat slap.  Inexplicable shame is painful on every level, and it is confusing.  It stunts growth and it damages the innocence of children.  No child needs to carry for life lies that are not theirs’ to process.

A work ethic is an important aspect of yourself to foster, and nurture, whether or not you get paid or abused for what you do.  It speaks of your self-respect.  It speaks of your understanding that nothing in this life comes for nothing.  Karma sees to it that what you give of your capacity – however you define your capacity – you get.  If you are an advocate of Giveology, you will be a recipient of Getology.  Like chickens lay eggs, eggs do not lay chickens.  Developing a work ethic is a fairly personal process, but it is important to know that we are initially guided by the work ethic of those close to us, those that raise us.  The way you work should reflect your ambition, your competitive edge (without one you go nowhere) and your desire to build the kind of life you know you will be most inspired by.  Inspiration makes the impossible, possible.  It feeds the soul.  It allows you to persevere no matter your circumstance.  Stimulating your self is vital if you wish to get where you know you must go.  And if you do not know where you must go you need to find out what stimulates you.



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