And then there were two – Blog No. 2

Viva la Vista

05.01.2016 Tuesday

Things got a bit tight when there was only one Highlander to guard everyone’s best interests.  So they designed a Highlander that did not conform to the usual Highlander standards and that way made space for two.  :).  The thing about everyone’s best interests is that they take up an area greater than 5 cubic metres.  Like a b turns into a p.  Cupic metre.  A measure of Love?  The number of heartbeats that spell your name.  Like pain is measured in Dells.  Childbirth is around 54 Dells.  That would kill most men.  But then again – when men say they are fine, you can believe them.  I am not interested in what women say a lot of the time.   They have a way of being bitches without even trying, which is worrying for them.  And besides, a lot of them have shit for brains.  That is why their heads will wake up in the toilet, like mine did.  I pole-vaulted from the shit-pit to Timbuktu with a zephyr in my backpack and a penchant for revenge … then I gave blame up as a new year’s resolution and found my true path – which, incidentally – has been waiting for me all along.  I never give up on myself, ever.  I never turn up – actually – unless I am here myself.  So that is how I know.

I guess the alarm of Peace sounded?  Like a choir of angels … why, how did it sound to you?  Oh dear.  That isn’t good.  You train your ears to hear songs rather than bullshit.  That training does not take 3 minutes.  There is a stray half lurking around somewhere.  It is worth finding it and asking it some questions.  It might have the answers.  🙂

A UFA?  An unidentified flying arsehole.  As identified by my son, which helps.  His is a good judge of character.  Thank God.  We can all thank God when we see him next.  Lucky he can bounce.  My son, that is.  Trick?  No.  Treat.  :).  I am not into spontaneous combustion, nor do I wish to implode, so I take care when it comes to treasuring our collective soul.  I said it must be, else we wouldn’t be doing it.  DRIVE-THRU.  As in, Velcro.  For reference:  I do not require permission to speak to myself, nor do I require approval to be who it is that I am.  I approve of myself and in this fractured climate that is more than enough for me.  So.  Sayonara to shitheads, Viva to the Vista and Wakarimasu ka to Kindness.





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5 responses to “And then there were two – Blog No. 2

  1. Happy New Year James. 🙂

  2. Are you okay? I confess I don’t understand the post.


  3. Wishing you happy 2016 New Year in the making for author of book, Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms.

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