Ubuntu – Blog No. 3


I understand Ubuntu to mean:  I am; because we are.  In other words, we are – each one of us – a whole human being because each one of us is a part of the community, the collective.  There is another African saying I like:  ‘It takes an entire village to raise a child’.  Indeed it does.  That is why those children kept secluded or cossetted from life in general grow up to be emotionally retarded.  Emotional retardation in an otherwise ‘fully-functioning’ human is not only a sad state of affairs, it is dangerous.  Neither empathy, nor compassion – or tolerance – are fostered where emotions are either repressed or lacking.  That is a simple fact.  You cannot in this day and age hope to encompass the entire spectrum of human experience and make it palatable to your children unless you expose first yourself to its depredations and then introduce your progeny gently to its complexities and pitfalls.  You cannot hope to bridge the gaps built into the futures of the next generation.  Evolution does not work like that.  Each successive generation IS more intelligent than those that have come before, but whether or not they are fully capable of accessing that intelligence invested in their actuality is foremost in my mind.  Like my frontal lobe is.

Tedium is almost as boring as boredom.  If I had to write a thesis it would be called ‘How To Terminate Boredom with Tedium’ but that in itself would bore me to death so I will not be writing a thesis or dying in the foreseeable future.  If that does not fit with your agenda – or the state of my longevity pisses you off – then I apologise.  And I say sorry for you.

Togetherness is to me synonymous with sharing.  You should choose to be with people you are comfortable sharing with otherwise keep yourself to you.  You will know who you are comfortable with and you will feel those who make you uncomfortable.  In that distinction – that discernment – is your destiny.  Life always was – and always will be – like that.




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