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Blog No. 6

SA-poaching-stats-2000-2011How can the Chinese be as conscienceless as they are?  Do they not respect the laws of Nature?  I wonder how hard karma is going to hit that country, those people.  They have bred and are busy growing a monster and the world stands by and watches, impassive.  Or perhaps not impassive, but certainly not discouraging.  How dare they still use rhino horn for whatever purpose they use it?  How dare they?  Why are they allowed to butcher and massacre and rape and pillage?  In this day and age shouldn’t somebody – some watchdog, somewhere – be saying, ‘hey guys, can you climb another ladder on your way to world domination, please, this one is for HUMANKIND.’  I am generalising, naturally.  However, the collective wears the label and the collective needs to do something about its reputation.  How can you sell a live goldfish as a cheap keyring?  How can you beat animals to death with a club?  How can you skin animals alive and leave them in a slippery pile to die?  I was reading about how they will peel skins from the living bodies of animals.  Why visit that sort of pain on another breed when there is a choice?  Their savagery leaves me breathless.  I don’t care for their impressive heritage if it means they have evolved into cruel and senseless human beings.  Or is it that the Chinese always were cruel?  It is important to remember that the richness of their culture can readily be overlooked when you see how they conduct themselves around creatures.  If god is a rhino, for instance, they are in serious trouble.  If god is a Tibetan, China is in very serious trouble.  Where is god, actually, when it comes to the Chinese?  They are too busy feeding their peculiar cancer with the world’s resources to look for themselves.  I think they should look AT themselves.  I should like to know how they intend to save the state of their face when they weigh in on the scales of justice?  I think they have a lot to answer for.  I think they will be asked all the questions, in one way or another.

I wonder at the vanity of harnessing the Yangtze River.  Do you know how powerful her force?  Her flow?  I think she does not like being dammed by man.  In fact, I am quite certain of it.


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