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The System – Blog No. 53


Is it the system that twice stops South Africa from issuing the Dalai Lama with a visa? It seems that there is some resistance to his being welcomed on the tarmac at Oliver Tambo International Airport. I wonder what that resistance could be about? I am sure he would love to see South Africa in 2014. It would be interesting for him to understand how far South Africans have come.

The system was set to manage society and its maladministrations. It is offset by its own failings. This is not new news. The system has been watching itself fail for decades, now. It has become more adept at putting out fires than it is at starting them. Starting fires was the point. Without fire, there is no new growth. Also, it is important to know that starting fires is not synonymous with arson.

A system should be implemented only when it can be ascertained that the system to be introduced is 100% fail-safe. There is no point implementing a system that fails. The point is to construct a perfect model that works before you set about implementing it. That is called forward planning. The system is a model. It should be a model of infinite reach, a model that reflects the makings of a community dream – in order that the system’s reality is well-received by its people.

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Freedom from/to – Blog No. 10

images-16If you had to choose between freedom from and freedom to, which kind of freedom would you choose?  Or would you insist that freedom in its entirety comprises both the ‘from’ and ‘to’ options?  Freedom from oppression, for example.  Or freedom to choose.  Freedom from persecution.  Or freedom to be?  In our first world we are privileged.  We have the freedom to choose both.  Imagine the value of just one type of freedom when you have never had any.  Who is one man to say that this person can speak their mind and that person cannot?  Who is one man to dictate the conditions of another’s existence?  Why should the Dalai Lama not live where he chooses?  Who are the Chinese to tell that man where he must sit in this life?  I think they have too much audacity for a country that is slowly destroying (the peace of) our planet.  Clearly they are not the only ones, but they are the only ones that operate without either fear (of repercussion) or respect (for this world).  They do, however, revere their panda.  I wish someone from China would explain to the rest of the world what they are thinking when they do the things they do – because watching them behave leaves a great many questions hanging.  Their sullen silence does not help.  The sooner we begin to understand each other as ‘a people’ a ‘breed’, the sooner we can draw a line in the sand and accelerate our evolution.  I don’t believe we are doing all we can to evolve to our full potential as human beings.  There are so many restrictions, so much censorship, so few true guidelines.  I think we need to save ourselves from the butterfly net that would capture our freedom.  I think the big fat corporations are very effective butterfly nets.  I think outdated curricula are very effective butterfly nets.  I think China is a very effective butterfly net.  We need to breathe new, think new, feel new.  It is time to air the archives.

Heart.  Courage.  Remember in this life it is who we are that counts.  Who we are becomes what we are.  We are in Nature.  Ours is the same cycle, as any in life.  If we go to ground with our music still in us, then it bleeds into the earth.  The soil sings.  When the trees grow, they sing that same music – but it will be organic, it has run through another system after all.  The wind takes that song from the lips of the leaves, those whispers, and sends fragments of songs, flying.  We breathe in those fragments.  We build a new song.  We are another system, after all.  Do you not think it is a beautiful cycle of life, this?  We should maybe all appreciate it a little more.  


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