Blog No. 3

alice-character-new-era-59fifty-fitted_1I think Alice is still wandering around Wonderland. I don’t think she ever resurfaced. When faced with the choice of returning to this world as it is, she said, ‘No thanks very much, I think I’ll pass.’ She’s busy in an Underworld we see only in our dreams.

I wonder why there is no global body that can say ‘no’ to unacceptable happenings. Why is there not a resounding universal ‘no’ when it comes to rhino poaching, for instance? Why don’t governments stand for what is right these days? I think people need to remove political correctness from their agendas. This world needs a shake up. Syria needs peace. Gaza – is Gaza. People need to stop squabbling over land and let go of fighting for the honour of their past ‘heroes’. Who says anything ‘belongs’ to anyone in the first place? Like the way man will rape Nature’s resources and disrespect her convention. Or make rules for outer space. Space etiquette is more important than behaving like a reasonable human being on terra firma. I wonder some days just who we think we are on this planet.

I trust people with experience. I love learning, and being taught. I think we are all learning, all the time. It is a constant. As is change. To resist change is not brave. Change is what keeps the flow in this world, going. The richest languages are those evolving all the time, those in a state of flux. The same applies to people.

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  1. I heard such an amazing talk on “Brown” about 9 years ago at the Cape Town convention center during the design indaba. I forget the speaker but the content still inspires me. . His presentation was done without any screens or props or slides (as all the others were) making it even more potent. He spoke of the word Brown as a colour made by mixing colours pure or other colours; but Brown being a direction of mankind. Our languages are mixing into wonderful combinations. Brown. Our races are mixing combining cultures and colours. Brown. Our Borders are mixing both geographically and electronically.brown. Really great way of looking at things hey!

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