You, we, and I – Blog No. 14

selflessnessTake the time to sit with yourself and ask yourself how attached you are to yourself.  If it were required of you to let go of yourself – your entire being as you today know it – how hard would you find that to do?  Perhaps for some that kind of non-attachment comes easily.  It depends on your upbringing (a lot depends on your upbringing, incidentally) and it depends on your life view.  For some the need to hold tight to the self will be intense, the fear of forsaking, abandoning – all the emotive words – leaving, oneself to one’s own devices too huge to contemplate.  I happen to think that until we let go of every single one of our preconceived notions about ourselves we will be trapped on the hamster-wheel of life.  We will be bound to our own fates.  In order to gain control, we need to lose control.  We need to let go.  It takes some bravery to step inside one’s own mind and do a stock-take.  The longer you leave it, the more daunting the task.  Best to visit with yourself often when you are young, and you are never going to be as young as today.  Ironically, it is only by stepping inside of one’s mind that one can find the objectivity needed to separate yourself from the destiny you have prescribed for yourself.  It takes some doing, too, to take your own destiny on, and change it.  Destiny can be pretty set in its ways, like a deep-sleeping dragon.  The thing to understand is that each small change you make will have an immediate effect on your future.  Immediate.  That is how powerful our hold over ourselves is.  The bigger picture changes slowly, that is the way of things in this world.  But it starts to change from the moment you make that first change.  Choose to have an effect on your future because it will happen for you, regardless.  Better to be in control – on some level – of where it is that you are going and what it is that you are doing.  We do not reserve the right to control everything that happens to us in this life-space.  Life as an everyday is too unpredictable to find ourselves ever getting complacent.  Surely?

The problem is, we do get complacent as human beings.  We become caught in the rut of routine (which speeds time up, incidentally – so break with routine for a slower life) and we follow our peculiar habits as humans, as attached to those as we are to the notion of ourselves.  It makes a lot of sense to separate willingly with your own tradition.  It teaches you something new about the self you are letting go of, every time.

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  1. “…until we let go of every single one of our preconceived notions about ourselves we will be trapped on the hamster-wheel of life.” – a very vivid image, and with much truth. True, we limit ourselves by what we believe we are capable of. Then emergency strikes and – like to proverbial superman – we lift ourselves or others or the bus to prevent plunging into the depths.
    We can always surprise ourselves; I think it’s important to remember that!

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