God Lost – Blog No. 13

reflections on Christ - crucifixionI suspect God was on his way back to earth to take human form when he got side-tracked and subsequently lost. I think he tapped into the Jesus saga and was so horrified at what his humans had done to his son that he quite lost the plot. I do not imagine when God and Jesus met again – after the ascension – that things in the God household were overly cheerful. Jesus must have had questions. Like – how could you do that to me? I think the trauma visited on his system by his crucifixion experience would have left scars. Big ones. God would be answerable for those scars. The other thing for Jesus, is that he knew that should life roll around in the good way of reincarnation, then he was in trouble. Who would want to come back as Jesus? I think he’s been running ever since, from his own identity. That means, in effect, he is here on the planet. In spirit, at least. Like a Highlander, maybe. There can be only one. We should find Jesus’ presence comforting. I think it is safe that a lot of people do. What worries me is that a great many people think he is actually coming back to save them. I think they expect clouds and trumpets and palm leaves and donkeys, on some level. I am not sure that was ever on Jesus’ agenda. Large scale saving after his event. I think his work was his word and he came and said what needed to be said. Then he died. His job was done. He went back to being a right-hand man. Or so the stories go. To me, Jesus was into teaching, guiding, showing a path in which he had faith. Faith being what faith was, in his time.

How can a God gain empathy unless he spends time touching other people, and being touched? That is how we learn empathy. Human contact. But how could God come back as a human? He couldn’t. He could come back as half a human. Undoubtedly he would have to hold a part of himself sacred and pure – so he could remember what he was like before the ‘life experience’ changed him – and that would be the half that would be waiting for him upon his return to himself. If Jesus’ spirit is on the planet, then God’s spirit is on the planet. I think the God spirit is lost, trying to find Jesus, whose spirit is still running scared. I would be scared if I had been Jesus. I think God is busy watching our daily horrors unfold before his eyes. He is watching the steady massacre of his planet in silence. I think he is astounded by what meets his eyes. Perhaps he is waiting patiently for us to wake up and see that what we have on the ground is what was promised above? The important thing to remember is that in the traditional sense, there is a hell below, a heaven above. That leaves a real space where we are, which is here and now. It’s about time we took the time in this now to bend our reality towards paradise.


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5 responses to “God Lost – Blog No. 13

  1. Quite provocative–yet in a thoughtful & inquisitive way.

  2. If Bionically speaking God is all love and forgiving but also full of wrath and vengeance! In the grand scheme of things I think we all make up bits and pieces of God in His divine greatness. We are but one planet in billions and certainly not the only populated one!We need to remember “Made in his image and likeness” does not mean physically but spiritually! Rev.Christopher

  3. Wow – lots of thoughts here. I think that you’re right that God is astounded by His earth – well, perhaps not astounded…more like grieved, I guess I’d say. I mean, is it possible to surprise God? Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your thought-provoking style.

    • I wonder – is it possible to startle God? Maybe we stand a chance there. I think God is probably very sad about how man treats his ‘garden of Eden’, if you like.

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