Magic attributes – Blog No. 16

matrixWe all have them.  If we knew how best to harness the magic we possess as human beings, the world would be a fairer, better place.  Do you know how much magic we waste, with the measuring of dreams and the marking of just one reality?   Our refusal to allow ourselves to understand ourselves in every single light does not help in the universal scheme of things.  Why should you be afraid of what you will see in your light?  In fact, why should you be afraid of what you will see in your dark?  Your dark is often where the best insulation lies and beneath that layer of asbestos there is a valuable perception of ourselves that we should not be alarmed to meet.  Get through the asbestos, and face facts.  When you come face to your face you will see just how fragile your reality.  But do not forget that the fragility of reality is endearing.  Reality is only what we make of it.  It has a life-span of our say-so.  It has a sell-by date.  The fact that reality is so intolerable for so many should make us eager to get rid of it and generate a new one.  Why do we hold so tight?  Who says we can’t generate a brand new reality?

The fact that we can conceive of multiple realities is testimony to our magic.  The nature of our magic.  If you cannot conceive of numerous realities then you perhaps need to expand your consciousness.  You need to exercise your brain, tax your mind and improve your capacity.  You need to do emotional aerobics.  You are your own frame.  Your physical frame, and your mental frame.  Remember that.  Make sure you give yourself enough space to move around inside your frame.  It will be the size you decide.  Do not lose sight of your particular uniqueness – your wants and needs – when you stretch your own frame, expand your capabilities within – and without – yourself and you will be awed by what you find.  You will be awed, too, by what you see.  First – open your eyes.

Trust your dreams.  They know from experience where you are taking yourself.


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4 responses to “Magic attributes – Blog No. 16

  1. I suppose its true for everyone, but I can only speak for my gender and myself. Life gives us roles, daughter, mother, wife and employee and its far too easy to paint yourself into a corner with concepts of responsibility and duty. Who you are becomes lost and so does any notion of what you are a capable of beyond the prefabricated roles.
    I lived in my prefabricated painted corner for many years before I discovered that roles have an end. And that discovery brought with it the realisation of just how much I had abandoned myself and how lonely alone can feel and what directionless really means.
    My first epiphany was to accept that I was not superhuman, but rather remarkably human and flawed. The second was accepting that I am allowed to screw up and not feel bad about it. And on that basis I am happily building a new reality, new goals and realising that actually I am far greater than the sum of all my. previous roles. My problem, if I have one and I would be happy to argue the point, is that there are so many shiny things out there to draw me that direction has become a multi-facetted concept.
    But none of this was achieved without help, without a gentle (and not so gentle) shove and a reassuring word. And I still look for inspiration and reassurance every day because I am human and Rome took a while to build.
    So here I am drinking in every word of your article looking out on the awesomeness of potential reassured again that I can achieve it if I try.

    Thanks for the Inspiration

    • That is it. You are greater than the sum of all your previous roles. You are more than you have yet imagined you can be. I think being tempted down myriad paths is a good thing. So many different choices, and choices are what keep us happy as humans. What you need to know is that you will find something down every path. Not one of them is a waste of time.
      I am glad I inspired you. I am happy to be of service!

  2. The world is the way we make it up in our heads… some of us make it up just for ourselves

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