Love understands – Blog No. 17

neon-love-sign-3Where do you go when you have no answers for your questions?  You go inside.  Deeper inside.  When you think you have no further resources, open to yourself.  That sounds easier than it is, perhaps, but it is only at the point where you feel yourself facing a brick wall that you will come to realise that you have a way to go yet.  With every fibre in your being you will realise that your challenge is only beginning.  That is no reason to get dispirited.  Emotional brick walls are daunting to meet and tricky to bypass.  Over the obstacle is always possible, but the problem is you leave it behind, unattended.  Under the obstacle – not advisable.  You should not like to find yourself crushed by the weight of it.  Around the obstacle is an option, but that takes too long.  And besides, going around it you give yourself a lot of work as well as an extra choice – left or right – which is a bit like meeting the Sphinx at the crossroads and wanting to go straight.  I should add that going straight is the best way.  It is the hardest, but it yields the best results.  Plough through the questions posed by your inner Sphinx and go through the wall.  Some walls you will pass through easily.  Some you will not.  Some you will bang your head against, time and again.  They say that it is insanity to do the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  It is only insanity if you do not ultimately achieve your end goal.  That might take you seventeen attempts, it might take you two, but you can rest assured that if you work from your heart and you keep trying, you will succeed at what it is you need to succeed at.  That we will find what we are seeking is an indisputable law of Nature.  Do not be tempted to give up – on yourself – when you find yourself hitting your head against a wall.  You have to brace your mind, put your head down, and try again.  The wall will eventually give way to your persuasion.  It always does.  You have to be sure you are approaching it right, that’s all.

Understand that there is a love to which we all owe our allegiance.  The love within.  It’s source is bigger than every single one of us on this planet, and it is enormous when all of us are put together.  Love begets love.  It seems such a tired concept, such an over-used ideal.  But it’s there.  That love is constant.  It is what keeps us alive.  Do not take your love for granted.  Recognise it.  And if you cannot see it – then search harder.  Everyone has access to love.  Everyone.  And everything, has beauty.  Choose to see it.


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2 responses to “Love understands – Blog No. 17

  1. Great advice for the work alone writer.Thanks. – John

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