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Fantasy – Blog No. 33


There are days here and there when I wonder what fantasy actually is.  Apart from being a state of mind, it is clearly an ideal place to be at some stage in your daily thinking.  Fantasy can be anything from reality right through to illusion – and everything in between.  Fiction is not fantasy.  Fantasy is very real.  It takes an extraordinary level of concentration to maintain the purity of thought required for the creation – or the construction, if you like – of a flawless fantasy.  It takes some practice, too.

Fantasy requires minds to find a steady stream of consciousness through which their ideal can be projected.  To find the ideal you need to be a positive thinker.  To find a steady stream is essential.  Fantasies do not travel well under bumpy conditions.  They are delicate in nature.  Nature does not have fantasies about killing, or causing suffering to living things.  There will be fantasies found about eating, feeding frenzies.  About sex.  That is perfectly natural.  Nature takes time to build a fantasy with the reality; she does not waste time dreaming about pain.

Fantasies are for the bravehearts.  For those that dare to think big.  Small fantasies are not necessarily smaller than any bigger ones you may have along your way.  It depends how deep small goes.  How shallow your perception.  When you understand the motivation behind a fanciful way of choosing to live, you will understand how absolutely essential the propagation of fantasy is as a very real – and viable – reality.

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Issues – Blog No. 58


At times we are all plagued by issues in life. Some are deep-rooted. Some, are not. This is fortunate because we are easily able to relieve ourselves of the lesser issues and focus on those that obstruct us. Issues are not insurmountable. They just take some patience and understanding. We develop issues for a reason. Usually, that reason has something to do with a past hurt left unresolved. Hurts should never be left unresolved.

Issues are best dealt with whenever you become aware of them. Left unattended, they fester. If it is not possible to address the cause of your issue(s) personally, it is best to be sure that you deal with its/their impact on your internals. You can get over your issue(s) when you spend time working with its/their actuality. When you resolve your issues with yourself, the object of your issue(s) becomes unimportant in your days. That is a good place to be.

If you can give yourself enough space, it is possible to laugh at yourself and your issue(s) sometimes. Of course, there are times when nothing is funny. That is how it is. The object is to get through the things that cause you discomfort, not to suppress or repress them. If going through discomfort changes the way you perceive yourself and the world, then you can know that your issues – while they lasted – were worth themselves.

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Understanding – Blog No. 22

understandingIt is an interesting thought.  How do you convey an understanding?  That is some skill, when you can do that effectively.  It is a skill we are all learning, all the time.  It is about being skilled in communication.  However you choose to do that.  Understanding is visceral.  You can feel it.  How do you confer a feeling?  First you must understand the feeling before you can attempt to share it.  When you hear a truth, remember that you do not need to remind yourself to remember it for the future, when you hear a truth it sinks right in.  You have to do nothing more than hear it.  Hearing is not the same as listening.  Also, it is best if you do not start trying to fight the truth with reason – man’s reason ought not be valued as much as it is in this world.  It tries with its noise to out-shout others whose opinions are more valuable.

It is said that love means understanding a person’s position when they wrong you, treat you badly.  Instead of lashing out, you stand back and you consider what pain the person must be in.  Pain governs a great deal of bad behaviour and oftentimes deserves empathy.  This can be challenging.  Of course, should the person treating you badly simply be an arsehole, then take yourself out of their equation.  In life there is really little point in surrounding yourself with arseholes, do not allow yourself to become one, either.  It is a choice.

To share an understanding with another is a beautiful thing indeed.  Your understandings will guide you in life.  They guide very effectively when you have them accessible, your understandings lead you to ever-new perceptions about people, times, places.  Fresh perceptions are necessary in life.  They inspire you.  When you understand something new, or you understand a thing differently to the way you understood it before, you give yourself tools with which to work your life around you.  It is worth taking time to understand a thing, things.  Tools come in a variety of shapes, and sizes.



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Depth – Blog No. 84

Escher_DepthThe depth of your perception dictates your life experience.  If you exercise your perception – shift your focus – from time to time, it does your opinions good.  Perspective and perception are not the same.  Perspective affects perception.  Changing your perspective – your standpoint – is an effective way of exercising your perception.  Do it often.  The depth of your perception is directly proportional to the depth of your understanding of life.  Spend time understanding life.  It welcomes your curiosity.

You have a depth to your character.  You have a depth to your feelings.  You have depths of despair.  All this is familiar news to anyone with the ability to focus inwards.  Focussing inwards allows you to see deep into your meaning.  It is important to know what you mean in this life.  Your life is not some random event.  Do not forget this.

Think of living as being the ocean.  There are swells, waves, Bermuda Triangles.  Creatures.  The deep.  You can choose to go in, or not.  Should you be standing at the edge, about to take the plunge into turbulent waters, know that there could be death lurking.  There could be.  A lot depends on how well you swim.  If you cannot swim, you should learn.


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Temperament – Blog No. 74

553595-24219-18What is your temperament?  Do you like who it is that you are?  If you should like yourself some of the time, that is a start.  If you like who you are a great deal – yours is the right space.  You cannot like yourself when you behave badly, try as you might.  Your knowing, your moral fortitude will not allow you to.  If you have no moral compass, it must be said that no one can help you.  A moral compass (or the lack of one) is inherent.  Remember, too, that it is your choice how you behave – not another’s.  Another’s bad behaviour towards you is not permission for you to act like an arsehole.  Try not to let yourself drop your standards – or your guard – in the name of petty retaliation.  Choose your reactions; ensure that they suit the occasion.

You can lie to your heart’s content, you can make excuses for yourself and your short-comings, you can find reasons to justify your bad behaviour.  All of this is possible – and very do-able.  We all do it and we are all good at it.  Have you heard how adept you are at justifying your actions so that you can feel less responsible for bad behaviour?  It is natural to try and allocate blame somewhere – or delegate it – the need is almost instinctive.  It takes a dedicated human being to treat blame as your own bedfellow.  How often do you sit with yourself and accept responsibility for your strained relations with others, your rudeness, your intolerance?  How often will you apologise for your misdemeanours?  And I am talking about apologising to yourself, as well as to others.

Your temperament is not only your nature.  It is not just your personality.  It is your whole, your calling card in this world.  It is the reason people will find you attractive, or not.  It is why you will be successful, or not.  If you have a shit temperament, do something about it.  Your reactions are within your power.  Each of them.  If you do not like how you behave in certain situations – either avoid putting yourself in those situations or transform the way you feel about what is happening to you.  You change your viewpoint – particularly when it comes to the how and why of your behaviour(s) – and you change the way you are perceived in this world.  That can make all the difference.

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Magic attributes – Blog No. 16

matrixWe all have them.  If we knew how best to harness the magic we possess as human beings, the world would be a fairer, better place.  Do you know how much magic we waste, with the measuring of dreams and the marking of just one reality?   Our refusal to allow ourselves to understand ourselves in every single light does not help in the universal scheme of things.  Why should you be afraid of what you will see in your light?  In fact, why should you be afraid of what you will see in your dark?  Your dark is often where the best insulation lies and beneath that layer of asbestos there is a valuable perception of ourselves that we should not be alarmed to meet.  Get through the asbestos, and face facts.  When you come face to your face you will see just how fragile your reality.  But do not forget that the fragility of reality is endearing.  Reality is only what we make of it.  It has a life-span of our say-so.  It has a sell-by date.  The fact that reality is so intolerable for so many should make us eager to get rid of it and generate a new one.  Why do we hold so tight?  Who says we can’t generate a brand new reality?

The fact that we can conceive of multiple realities is testimony to our magic.  The nature of our magic.  If you cannot conceive of numerous realities then you perhaps need to expand your consciousness.  You need to exercise your brain, tax your mind and improve your capacity.  You need to do emotional aerobics.  You are your own frame.  Your physical frame, and your mental frame.  Remember that.  Make sure you give yourself enough space to move around inside your frame.  It will be the size you decide.  Do not lose sight of your particular uniqueness – your wants and needs – when you stretch your own frame, expand your capabilities within – and without – yourself and you will be awed by what you find.  You will be awed, too, by what you see.  First – open your eyes.

Trust your dreams.  They know from experience where you are taking yourself.


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Love is … – Blog No. 12

mozart-love-soul-geniusI have asked of others – many a time – a definition of love. If anyone knows one comprehensive definition, please give it to me. And God is Love does not qualify. It’s too bland, and besides, before you can use that statement you have to know who or what God is about. Since none of us know that, exactly, we are precluded from using the statement sweepingly until we gain a better understanding. What love is, is pure and sweet and simple. Love, too, is dark and deep and complex. The dark is necessary for the light. Love is like a compound eye. It has that many facets. Love is not blind. You are not blind to another’s faults. You can pretend to yourself and whomever else you are trying to convince that they are not there, but the truth is you see them. And each one, though on some level it may disappoint, is not something for you to judge or criticise. It is something for you to celebrate. It means – thank goodness – that that person is like you. We share common traits. In effect, we are one. Find solace in our similarities, for they are there and they are too numerous to count. I never yet met a perfect person – and I am quite relieved. I do not for one minute believe that any god watching over us would expect us to be flawless. Is God flawless? Who knows. Maybe he made some mistakes in his time. I would like to think so, half of our human charm is in our imperfections. Our mistakes help define us as individuals, as much as our successes do. Take note of why you choose what you do – and take note, too, if you will not learn from your mistakes. If you learn something from each mistake then its job is done. But, if you fail to change something about yourself – whether it be your perception, your perspective or your opinion – the same mistakes will visit you time and again. They will roll around and trip you until you DO something differently. That is the cycle of life. We will be taught until we learn. So learn to think differently. That is in your control. If God is out there watching us, he is very patient. I think he is waiting for us to stop, and focus on what matters.

What can we shift in our own lives to make space for a change? What out-moded thinking can we get rid of? We can get rid of our determination to judge other people. We spend too much time being the guardians of others’ fates. We interfere in business that is not ours to comment upon. It is important to understand that in actuality we have nothing to do with another’s fate. Our fates are our own. We are the transcribers of our own scripts, the creators of our own landscapes. If you choose to bind yourself to another’s fate, that is your business. You reserve that right. We are bound across countless paths in our lifetimes and on each we can find freedom, we just have to see what it is that we have left to learn. And there is always, always, something left to learn.


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