Motivation vs Intention – Blog No. 44

10-motivational-quotes-kick-start-large-msg-134307587259Please understand the difference between motivation and (best) intentions.  You want to be working with your motivation rather than your intentions.  Intentions are sweet.  They mean well.  But it is too easy to shrug off responsibility by saying, ‘… sorry, but I meant well.  It didn’t happen, but I hoped it would.’  Meaning well is not good enough.  It is like making a promise that you have no intention of keeping.  It is admirable, because you are thinking with your heart, but it is simply not good enough.  You have to understand the why of doing something.  Then you will know your motivation.  When you know your motivation you can decide straight away if it is pure, or not.  Your motivation needs to be pure.  Whatever it is that you are doing.  Pure motivation makes magic, miracles happen.

When you operate from a place of openness, of trust, you will see that your world becomes lighter and easier to manage.  Things begin to happen the way you need them to happen.  When you trust the universe, Nature, Karma, The Spirits, The Dead, Providence, God, the gods, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, yourself, your mind, your soul or Allah, whomever, whatever – you will find that your purpose on this planet becomes clearer to you.  It is through trusting that you learn to let go.  Letting go shows you a clearer picture of who it is that you are, it is a process that defines you.  There is a part of yourself that you must let go of each time you share of yourself, each time you tell another person your secrets.  And we all have secrets – do not pretend for one minute that there is not something in your life you would rather no-one knew.  Secrets are fine – if you feel safer keeping them – just do not lie to yourself about who you truly are.  Trust that your heart knows only pure motivation.  You have to act with pure motivation when you have opened your life to another.  That is best for both of you.  You have to be aware of the world around you flooding into that opening, when you open up.  When you choose to open your heart you will be physically affected.  The body responds in kind.  It is most important to evaluate your whys when you do what you do.  When you understand your whys you will feel empowered to act for the right reasons and be brave enough to follow your heart without fearing or feeling vulnerable.  Know there is no point in acting for a bad reason – karma will kick you for that.

Motivation is a driving force that affects every single one of us, every single day.  You will either be bothered, or you won’t.  If you won’t be bothered about anything:  about life, about people, about animals, about the environment, about your state of mind – then you need to change your life.  There is no question.  You have to find something to be bothered about.  Even if it is just staying alive.  A lot of people have that bother.  Life does not inspire in them much enthusiasm for living.  A lot of people exist in this limbo-land between living and not-living.  There is a fine line between alive and dead, and a fine line between genius and madness.  A very fine line.  I think the world needs to wake up to the reality that schizophrenics on this planet are not called ‘revolving doors’ for nothing.  In and out, in and out.  Their consciousness.  They are not in control of their aspects, at all.  Their minds are bent by hallucination, their realities warped by the projections of their minds.  They believe everything their minds tell them, which is a worry.  Like those who drink to blackout.  Where is your consciousness during that time and what is driving you – purely your subconscious?  It is interesting.  People are interesting when they substance-abuse.  I think this world needs to wake up to the fact that there are a lot of young people – in fact, a lot of people – escaping this reality because they find it intolerable.  Would the governments not be serving us better if they tidied up the reality?  The reality we find ourselves faced with is flawed.  Flawed is not a train-smash.  It can be fixed.  We just have to be bothered to fix it.


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10 responses to “Motivation vs Intention – Blog No. 44

  1. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous
    blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  2. CJ, Excellent, thought-provoking and mindful post. We were just having a discussion along these same lines last night. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the specific subject: Does each person truly possess a “free will”? Or, is at the heart of every choice a price, consequence, cost or value-added objective attached? Do I truly live “freely” or am I always serving or acting as the agent for some intention? (To quote Bob Dylan, “You Gotta Serve Somebody”)

    • I think we possess free will. I do not think it is always easy to exercise said free will, but it is there. We have to want something strongly enough to bring the power of our will out of its comfort zone, which is at rest. Will is powerful in the subconscious. We are constantly driving ourselves towards what it is that we know we need and in this our will is sometimes more powerful than our ability to control it. There is a wildness about will – a natural rawness about it. It comes from core. Will is not weak. Will is strong. Do not confuse lack of discipline with ‘weak will’. There is a big difference.
      I believe at the heart of every choice is a consequence. You cannot act in this world without causing ripples. Everything you do has a knock-on. Do the best you can with your every day – improve yourself where you can – and the knock-ons will be pleasant. That is one thing you do have the power to influence.
      On another tangent we might all be avatars, occasional slaves to another vaster, more advanced mindset. Anything is possible.

      • Simplified, free will is the ability to choose what it is that will eventually help one, or hurt one without interference, or pre-destination. Without free will life is meaningless, because whatever one does, Good or Evil, is beyond the control of the individual. if that is true, anything one does can be justified by the lack of free will. Only chaos can result in a world filled with uncontrolled Ids seeking constant self-satisfaction, often at the expense of others. Saint Augustine said that one of the most important choices one can make is between “Civitas Terrena,” and “Civitas Dei.” The easiest choice would be to chose neither, however, that’s when governments step in and take control of one’s life for them. One can, therefore, reach the logical conculsion that everyone decides their own fate based on personal decisions and choices.

  3. CJ. Thank you for writing this blog. Your focus on motivation has really spoken to me! As an aside, waiting for government – any government to be the solution is tantamount to waiting for the fox to make friends with the chicken. WE are the change we wish to see in this world! Great piece my friend. Shalom!!!

  4. I believe Sanity is highly over-rated. So is what societies considers to be NORMAL. Normal is simply the sum of the prejudices of a particular community. What is NORMAL in one community may be ABNORMAL in another. Also, the main problem with substance abuse is that escaping from Reality is only temporary unless one overdoses. As the great Gotama Buddha said, life should be lived following a Middle Path that leads one toward full enlightenment. Buddhist’s point of view is generally “here and now” with full understanding that a Being is nothing but a combination of physical and mental forces or energy, with a goal to achieve Nirvana, or NOTHINGNESS by leading a life of the perfections of right view, right aim, right speech, right action, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration, which leads one to a higher form of human perfection! May you gain mystic insight, dear heart.

    • Relative to the question: “Does one really have “Free Will.” The two schools of thought I am familiar with are tabula rasa, and pre-destination. If one is indeed born with an empty slate rather than divinely “knowing’ everything, one does not have a choice in any decision they believe they are making independent of a deity.
      On the subject of a deity, after over 60 years of study on the subject, the facts are quite clear to me. I can not prove the existence of a creator, nor can I disprove the existence of a creator. Therefore, faith is the only alternative for a believer. And elite conceit based on intellectual frustration, and simple laziness may lead one toward atheism. The Search for Truth must continue until one achieves Nothingness. Man will create a god if for no other reason than to explain the unexplainable, and to assuage his fear of the unknown.
      If man does not have “Free Will” it means that once born, one is placed on a track that determines his FATE no matter what decisions are made by him. If this is the case chaos can be the only result. One may finally deduce that free will allows everyone to choose what it is they do that will ultimately determine their legacy.

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