Equals – Blog No. 35


What does it mean to be ‘equal’? Equal how? Equal to what?  When the statement was made that all men are created equal, which equality was being referenced? Was it the more ethereal ‘energy’ we share as human beings, that equality, or was it the notion that each embryo is created with as much future potential as any other? Or was the statement itself a demonstration of inequality because it references men, only? Perhaps all men are created equal.  All women are not.  That is clear at the outset.  Equality is a tricky word.  It holds too much promise for too many people who will never get to be ‘equal’ in today’s world.  Sadly there are those people.

Equality is about fairness.  Balance.  Wherever there is an imbalance, there will be discord.  The system does not handle discord well.  Nor does it create equals.  The very system discourages equality, equals.  The system is about working your way to the top, surpassing others.  It would seem that in the greedy world of capitalists, being equal is never enough.  There is the compulsion to be better, to earn more, to have more.  To outshine your peers.  It becomes an obsession for many people.  Perhaps those at the top of the capitalist ladder do have ‘equals’.  Perhaps they consider themselves ‘equal’ to people who earn the same as they do.  That is perhaps their measure in life.

It is worth fostering equality as an ideal.  I think it is an ideal.  It is something to strive towards, like peace.  Equality is a work in progress.  Should it become the norm rather than the exception in the long run, that can be considered an ideal outcome.  The child who cannot read or write is not equal, in 2014, to the child who can.  The child with access to technology is not equal to the child that does not.  This is how it is in our world.  Despite the ever-present inequalities, though, and the concerns that these inequalities raise, it is not to say that the ‘unequal’ cannot reach the heights that the ‘equal’ tend to reach.  They must just apply themselves to working with what they have and trust that it is enough.





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3 responses to “Equals – Blog No. 35

  1. All of the political parties of the world should be died by their lies, Bright Quang said.

  2. American myth Number One is: “All men are created equal”! Thomas Jefferson and the other contributors to the United States Constitution meant well, but did not understand that no man is created equal. However, mankind should be treated equally “under the law.”
    Every human life is separate. Everyone is a unique individual, who from birth is different. This is not meant to be a negative connotation. It is simply a statement of fact. Some are born handsome or pretty. Some are born homely. Some are born Mesomorphic (super body). Some are born Ectomorphic (thin body) or Endomorphic/Geomorphic (large round body). Some are born with athletic prowess. Some are born clumsy. Some are born to become bright. Some are born and are not so bright. Some are aggressive. Some are passive. Some are simply apathetic.
    We are not equal, nor should we expect to be equal except under the law. There will never be equal outcome no matter how much Progressive rhetoric promotes it. We should, however, all have equal opportunity to achieve whatever our particular talents allow us to achieve. We are not born winner’s; therefore, everyone needs to understand they may never be number one. Like snowflakes, we are all one of a kind.
    Each individual has to find a way to adjust to who they are, not how they compare to someone else. We don’t need to lose in order to make someone else feel good, nor should we gloat when we discover that we win at most things we try.
    There should be no government law passed to appoint anyone a “protected species.” based upon one’s racial heritage. Nor should there ever be a quota to make sure one is hired based on anything other than personal abilities. The Federal Government in 1964 passed an act that was meant to assure equality in the workplace. However, it only placed Americans in categories. We now have preferential treatment for many of our citizens based solely on race, heritage, and gender not on personal qualifications. This attempt to make us all “equal” has separated Americans by quota category ever since.
    Isn’t it past time to re-evaluate the law that prohibits employers from fair hiring based on qualifications? Isn’t is time to have an honest dialog among different races and genders without the politically correct “police” hovering over, and directing the dialog? Isn’t it time to be able to say what is actually on one’s mind rather than saying the “wrong” thing that might be considered a “hate crime by a Big Brother Government?” Isn’t it time to finally admit the truth? We are not equal. However, we are all precious and special, and exactly the way evolution and our personal Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) designed us to be.
    Isn’t it time to accept that the greatness of America is that people from all over the planet can gather in one place, assimilate, learn to live with one another, and create the greatest civilization the world has ever known? It is not productive to support hate-mongers, dividers, “victims,” and America haters. It is an undeniable fact that divided Americans all lose. United under a freely elected leader who understands love of country, family and personal faith, Americans can all choose to be winners. Free citizens can live equally under the law, and celebrate their unique individuality together. The time for quotas is over. Exceptional Individuals synergistically working together toward a common goal of freedom and security should be everyone’s goal in a successful United States of America!

  3. Dear Sir:
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