Depression – Blog No. 43


I suspect that three-quarters of this planet is currently suffering from one kind of a depression or another. Historically, depression has been either ignored or stigmatised. Its prevalence was grossly underestimated and its shattering effects widely misunderstood. Fortunately, that was then. This is now. It is clearer than ever in this day and age that depression is real – it decimates individuals and families. It is an indiscriminate killer.


Depression is excruciating to experience and soul-destroying to witness firsthand. It does not lend itself to explanation – the reasons for entering into a depression are too numerous to document even if there was all the time in the world. Each depressive has a reason for their pain that is literally inexplicable to the outside world. You need to feel it for yourself to know it. And when you do know it, you will then understand its power.


There are few depressives that would choose to be in the position they find themselves. If you cannot empathise with a depressed person, then at least show compassion for their circumstance. It is quite likely that there are truths and wars raging within them that you know nothing about. It is quite likely that there are moments in each of their days – possibly their everyday – when they think that death would be preferable to life. That does not mean every depressive is a suicide risk, but it does mean that there are plenty of deathwishers contributing to the collective mindset. Remember – thinking makes it so.



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3 responses to “Depression – Blog No. 43

  1. Put into effect faithfully laws, society is peaceful. Bright Quang said.

  2. Limbs bare of leaves and bare of life. The clutch of dependency, if you leave me I cannot go on like to death do we part. Divorce is like a death of a marriage and maybe should be mourned as such. Have a wake and a funeral and know you must let go. Divorce the failure in your own life and this is something you may overcome. You don’t need drugs to live a good healthy life. I learn from reading Steinbeck’s East of Eden, “Timshel” or you may conquer over evil in your life. In other words you have the ability to conquer over your failures and you have permission so go do it.

  3. so true…
    I like the photo you have chosen to this post. Like an angel out of energy…

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