Phenomena – Blog No. 48


What counts as a phenomenon? Should we count ourselves as phenomena? There is the phenomenal in humankind. It is – like many other things – just a matter of finding it. How hard you look depends on what you wish to find. When seeking phenomena, ask yourself what you are hoping to demonstrate through your discovery. That way – looking at the message you are intending to send – you will be sure to succeed in your search.

Allow phenomenal to happen to you. It is a matter of giving permission. Once granted, that particular permission cannot be revoked. You open a lock, as such, and set yourself upon a path that is guaranteed to bring you out into the sunshine. That is where you want to be, it does not matter when you get there. If you would prefer to find yourself brought out into a blizzard, then that is your indaba.

Think of phenomenal as a methodology. What to aspire to. There is a lot to be said for aspirations. There is a lot to be said for the courage to chase them. A cynic will say there is no point in chasing anything. A coward will say there is no way to chase. A defeatist will say there is no chance of succeeding, no matter what you do.

There is a point. There is a way. There is a chance. Take it.



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2 responses to “Phenomena – Blog No. 48

  1. The butcher’s Kissinger has sat on the American Constitution when he was anti- oath of loyalist to American Constitution because he has built the Vietnam War and he betrayed his American promises, he said, ” Vietnam failures we did to ourselves.” Now the President Russian Putin is declaring war with the US and NATO if the Kissinger is excellent leader, he should fight with President Putin, but not invade and betray some of weak nation as like Vietnam. If he is heroic American leader, he ought to fight for against Putin’s warlike leader.

  2. We cannot explain many things not even by science so this must be god, but you must believe like we do, this is our religion, and if you don’t believe like we do something is wrong with you. You must believe and you must give us your money to prove how much you believe or else you will bring a curse of god upon us and bad things are going to happen and we will do bad things to you in the name of our god, worse than you can imagine. Do you believe us? Do you believe the son of god?

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