The rumour years ago that I was not anybody’s wife was not a rumour. It was true. As was the rest of what I said.

Rumours – Blog No. 26

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One response to “The rumour years ago that I was not anybody’s wife was not a rumour. It was true. As was the rest of what I said.

  1. quangbright

    Dear Sir:
    Three way of prove is to bile is true
    According to me that I can not believe to bible is true because I have three reasons that cannot believe to bible is true, and here are:
    First, former President Ngo Dinh Diem of Republic of Vietnam since President Kennedy and President Ngo Dinh Diem that they are eaten holy cake, drunk holy water and adored one Jesus God when President Ngo Dinh Diem was said prayer God in Three Father Church in Cholon Saigon in 1963, since the rebellious generals of Republic of Vietnam that they were supported by the America’s policy. The Diem and his brother’s Nhu just came out this Church, so the rebellious Generals had had massacred them , if God have blessed them, so they could not be died by the rebellious generals of the Southern.
    second, almost of the Vietnam Churches were destroyed by the American bombs in the Vietnam War, but our God could not protect any Churches when the American bombs destroying his churches.
    Third, a Vietnamese American Catholic Father who does not only adore his god but also manages his sheep living in San Jose. Significantly, his sheep have been donated money for this Catholic Father, each year the father has earned more than $350,000.00, but he did not report for Department of income tax for ten years when he has transferred the funds to his own bank account. Finally, the FBI has been overseen him and arrested him to jail. if God has blessed him, God protects him without crime.
    Finally, I do believed any religions in the world because our religions have been teaching us to keep our human religion in which we, the human beings, should keep the good, the true and the beautiful when our government can not teach its people that who learn about morality in order to avoid crime or avoid the views of father killing his children when the wife murdering her husband or the son massacred his parent in order to seek money, or a couple of lovers kill each others. Therefore, we, the human beings, should avoid the crime when we obey the laws of our nation that is great bible of us.

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