Angels – Blog No. 28


A white feather is said to indicate the presence of an angel.  The recent presence.  Should there be proof to the contrary I would like to see it.  Whether you believe in angels or whether you don’t is not really what matters, the importance of believing in something is what is helpful to your cause – i.e. your life.  If you are still of the opinion that those who choose to believe in a ‘greater’ something are delusional, you should perhaps ask them about their illusions.  If they have none – if they do not subscribe to illusion in the first place – then it is not possible for them to be delusional about a ‘greater’ something or any ‘other’ something, either, when all is considered.

An angel’s reputation is for ‘watching over’.  For protecting.  It is not a reputation that an angel takes lightly.  That is for a good reason.  Where protection is necessary, angels have their purpose.  If there should be a person on this planet that does not need protection from time to time, that would surprise me.   It would probably also delight me.  It is occasionally vital to feel delighted.  It is also occasionally vital to feel safe.

There is a good reason, too, to have guardians for what is commonly referred to on Earth as ‘Hell’.  Hell has some very valuable assets.  Should people be disinclined to believe that that is the case, they should visit it.  They may be pleasantly surprised by what they find behind its doors.  Mind you, not just anyone can walk through its doors.  As for ‘Heaven’, there is a passcode for Hell.  Naturally if you fail to fit the passcode, you cannot gain entry and you are automatically redirected back to Heaven.  Nevermind.  When given the choice, that is where most chose to go.

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  1. quangbright

    Voice of Wisdom by Bright Quang

    Voice of Wisdom

    1. Many great men remind us,
    We can make our lives sublime.
    When we depart, what will we leave behind?
    It should be more than footprints in the sands of time.

    2. Make honest citizen is better more than a barbarous politician

    3. Distort justice is national traitor

    4. Capitalism will be bankrupted by the distrust

    5. Justice is the great sublime that is highest expressed dignity by the United States Constitution

    6. Perform Justice, which is peaceful, but anti-justice as demagogy

    7. Justice is long lasting, but power has a short life.

    8. Constitution is protection for all people,
    But it’s not cheating for weak men

    9. Book is a master key opening the humanity treasure

    10. Holy light of heart symbolizes for faithful love

    11. The grass-tree aims to the sun,

    So human person must be moral truth

    12. If you always live with men who are warlike,
    You’ll be become a barbarous man

    13 The string of love is volunteered dedication to each other without compulsion

    14. A sublime life of a person is moral and great ability

    15. Self struggle is seeking for the justice

    16. Happiness of humankind is not luxurious matters,
    but human dignity is great more than everything in human life

    17. Our world will not have peace
    Because the blood and flesh fly always takes place
    When the forgiveness is very low,
    The animosity is without limitlessness

    18. If the superior does not have conduct himself properly
    His inferiors would make a riot

    19. Put into effect faithfully laws, society is peaceful

    20. The Justice of the powerful is not belonged to the weak and the poor

    21. The voices of the weak people are patriotic

    22. Democracy of the powerful is not truthful

    23. There is not had sublime justice by its distrust

    24. Rather see is good than hear.

    25. Fight for a legal’s revolution that our worldwide is peaceful.

    26. Holy light of heart symbolizes for faithful love

    27. The great hope of America society is individual character.
    Therefore, my life is not to be a brick, which lies under dirty mud.
    Instead, I see my life as a brick, which supports the building of the American democracy.
    28. All of the political parties of the world should be died by their lies

    29. Super government of a nation is robbery
    That who has more modern weapons
    When its honest people are unarmed hands

    30. Wisdom must be won the injustice power

    31. Circle of injustice-society
    Grandfather of racism is slave
    it gave a birth to injustice
    Father of injustice is inequality
    it was born to injustice power

    32. Put into effect faithfully laws, society is peaceful

    33. We, the American people, can question ourselves
    That why did our nation not win any wars
    From decade 60 to up-to-day,
    But we still fall in love with the wars?

    34. A good heart is of valued more than the biggest skyscraper.

    35. A small, stiff tree breaks more than a flexible one.

    36. The morality treasure of a sublime leader is lost by its inequality
    Then his dignity will be faded by human history

    37. Enslave exists, so the inequality increases up

    38. War looks like a hole.
    It buries many people.
    All of them lack paddies,
    yet, the bombs crumble their bodies.

    39. If you wished to be a sublime man,
    You should understand the rules of the society and here are :
    Three main paths are:
    The Happiness,
    The Source of Life
    and the Sorrow.
    And with Noble fivefold are:
    The Right Thoughtfulness,
    The Right Love,
    The Right forgiveness,
    The Right Struggles
    and the Right Independence,

    40. A best of American citizen is paying full income taxes, voting for elections, and not violating to any American laws,
    But the American courts prohibit sharing any American justices,

    41. We communicate morality to our children .
    Our morality does not only make them happiness
    But also builds their lives perfect
    So our morality is to be noble more than gold and money.

    42. A pious child must adore parents, siblings and relations.
    That child also respects teachers, adults and laws.

    43. His books communicate his ideologies to human beings
    These look like rose-petals throwing down the Grand Canyon
    His books are of immortalized lamp of the wise accumulation
    He’ll wait for his offspring who will be hearing the echoes.

    44. I only tremble to from my poor intelligence,
    But never tremble from my poor life

    45. An honest book is valued more than a barbarous leader

    46. A good name is liked the perfume of the nature,
    So, a bad name of barbarous leader will be insulted by his history.

    47. I thought, ‘A person liked to brawl with everybody,
    So he lost the wisdom of life.

    48. A slight light shone at the end of the dark tunnel And I do hope it’d shine on my path.

    49. We are one’s self of super enemy
    If we were coward of friendships
    But we are courageous men,
    We’ll be best friendship of each other.

    50. Truth would only be understood.
    It’d not be described
    And it could not be explained
    Truth should only be stayed in heart.

    51. The choice of justice is rather than violence.
    That it is the reason of sublime man of wisdom
    When the ones have dropped off justice,
    They’ve tremendous shock in their wisdom.

    52. Thoughts shows you that you’ve dreams
    To make an idea as you’d have it be
    And that because you wish them
    You dream them as while you see it.

    52. Each individual has an own place to build dream in the world,
    is important in some respect and whether she or he chooses to be so or not.
    Therefore, my money, ever since, is not the end of life,
    but my character is important more than the matters.

    53. Duty of child is first pious
    The child respects its parents
    He always obeys to his parents
    As their experiences are sublime than him

    54. A powerful government could never protect to its people,
    But it must first protect its interests of essence of life.

    55. Education is of understanding,
    Had understood must do correctly.
    If you had educated excellently, but did wrongly
    You are not human being.

    56. The great end of my life is not money,
    But this is my own knowledge.

    57. A wonderful painting is an historical book of present’s civilization time,
    58. Love is the birds
    That laughs in the sky
    If a person has not love –
    A car, broken down

    59. Those were rebellious ministers, generals and heroes
    The Justice cause was lost people, homeland and justice.

    60. Let me than be up and struggling
    For the Holy fire of human rights, shinning
    With my heart for any fate
    If not to achieve, I must pursue

    61. If someone ruined his house, he’d not avenge him
    Because it is of low intelligence

    62. He takes up his torch in the darkness.
    When we travel the long road
    His torch is not snuffed out by the wind.
    It burns bright in the rainstorm, his flame.

    Voice of Wisdom

    Voice of

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