Stealing – Blog No. 30


If stealing is something you rely on for a living, you need to realise that the system has its hands around your throat.  When a person is forced – or chooses – to steal from another, no matter how much or how little the other has, it is a devastating sign that the world of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ is going to implode.  A situation that exists which entices people of all descriptions to believe that they are better off in life – and the after-life – for their stealing from another, is not a situation I would choose to venture into.  I just wouldn’t.  Call it morals.  Call it values.  Call it whatever the fuck you like.  Labels matter to some people.

Shop-lifting is not a word many of us are unfamiliar with.  It is part of the capitalist system’s development.  Why shops that sell products that few can afford wonder when their shrinkage is annually fairly substantial is beyond comprehension.  That people should not steal is a commandment that has been around for a very long time.  That shops should be prohibitively expensive for most of the populace is not a commandment.  It should be.  Temptation is a dangerous pastime to foster.  As is envy.

Taking is not stealing.  As long as you take what is given.  When you take what is forbidden that is called stealing.  You don’t have, of course, to take a given – but at least in that situation you are given a choice.  It is when people are never given the choice that problems arise.  And problems that arise – particularly those that have been hidden beneath the carpet – are guaranteed to trip up the idiots.


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2 responses to “Stealing – Blog No. 30

  1. Good day
    Independence Day
    Each year July 4 is coming to our nation, I am very sad to remember to former my nation there is Vietnam land because our nation’s flag is flying on everywhere, but former Vietnam flag of Republic of Vietnam was torn by the hands-off policy of the War power of the United States.
    When we are happily living in luxury, we have broken happiness of the former paid soldiers of the United States when they are unhappy after they were concentrated in many camps by the Vietnamese communist regime.
    The former paid soldiers of the United States are living in Vietnam without future when the American strategists are happy to enjoy them sadness. Especially, the Kissinger who is happy more than everything in his life when he has pushed for one excellent million soldiers of republic of Vietnam to death completely. Now, our government is kowtowing for Vietnamese communist regime in order to get back to Cam Ranh naval port. That’s honor of our nation’s the United States of America.

  2. Help, I am robbed. Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms is a book with a literary six-pack of stories about a difficult passage for education and a harder go for experience and this author writes stories and publishes this book to make things better than whence he comes to camp in a tent along a river, driven away by racketeering, extortion, and bribery, corruption in politics, white collar robbery, redneck racists standing like gauntlets outside public places blowing smoke in his face, making threats, slanders, and curses, and cops beat him senseless without cause for arrest and they try to bury him in prison, not guilty.

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