Floored – Blog No. 11


Being floored can be a stressful event for certain types of people.  For others, it is an essential experience – hence it is regarded as one of Life’s greater pleasures.  It is preferable to be of the latter type, unless you have no choice, in which case you simply deal as best you can with the hand you have dealt yourself.  Stress is a serious disease.  As is bitterness, hatred.  It is a shame for those who are floored with a heart filled with hatred because their longevity depends on their ability to get grounded in Love.  Love does not invite hatred into its sacrosanct space.  Ever.  In fact it chases hatred right out.  That is its way.

There is a technique to a perfect flooring.  It takes practice.  Landing takes practice, too.  In some instances the floor will be there for you when you fall – in others, it won’t.  Be sure you do not need a floor if you haven’t got one, otherwise you might find yourself landing badly.  It is possible on the odd occasion to floor yourself.  This is the best position in which to find yourself because a personal flooring is quite possibly the best learning curve, ever.  Tripping yourself up, on the other hand, is not advisable.

When you floor something – or someone – properly, the reason behind said flooring becomes immediately apparent.  You do not question the reasons.  You accept your grounding with good grace and you take gratefully the lessons that are learned when your head hits the deck.  When your body hits the deck you best hope that you did not have far to fall, else it will hurt.  It is like that with unplanned landings.  Once landed, floored, grounded, it is advisable to get straight back up.  You know what they say about getting back on track – the sooner you pick your lip up off the floor and stiffen your resolve the more likely you are to begin getting where you think you are going.


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3 responses to “Floored – Blog No. 11

  1. I like my freedom. When I leave jail not guilty no one is there for me but I am free to go off in the middle of the night. Go, leave get out of here our of the town and don’t come back and they threaten this is what we do to all those who defy our politics and our religion. We beat them, rob them, strip them naked, and parade them so everyone can see them. And this author write stories and publishes book, Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms.so you can buy and read this book and see the naked truth.

    • Oh James. You shouldn’t have to protect yourself against love!

      • They have their cops beat me senseless, electrocute me with the taser when I have my hands up and I am not fighting, and when I am subdued he bashes my head on the concrete and says, you have the right to remain silent. So I must go to jail but I am not guilty and I must prove this. I camp outside ever since. I am a social economic outcast.

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