Policy for the future – Blog No. 40

  1.  Read the Rule Book.  Of course one exists.
  2.  Take heed of rules 1 through 21 before throwing the Rule Book away.  Then throw yourselves away because I do not need you.
  3. 2 was recently disqualified and is therefore obsolete.  1 is dead, as expected.  3, therefore, moves to 1.  The proviso was this:  if 1 chooses to go first, 2 will not follow.  Incidentally, nor does 3.  If you went in on 2, good for you.  That was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
  4. A series of pairs.  4 sets of 2.  Without every single aspect of every single 8 you will fail.  Be careful what you summons.  It might be yourself.
  5. Had an agenda that it thought was cleverly set aside.  It wasn’t.  It was another set of stupid Stepford wives selling a soul that was never theirs’ to begin with.
  6. Flipped and was then dragged backwards through the eye of a needle.  It is yet to register the extent of the threading.
  7. Has Heaven.  That is the way it should be.  Heaven was not made into a reformatory for the sake of Hell’s angels.  Hell can well hold its own.  Heaven was reformed for one reason alone:  to extend the longevity of its own lie.  Its facility was recently emptied and shut down when God discovered its inhabitants were complicit in Earth’s suffering.
  8. An hourglass, half empty and running.  It will not be refilled, or turned over.
  9. A thrice of triangles, spliced.  I hope all three are pleased.  It is their dream, this savagery.  I trust they can dream themselves into Elysium, too.
  10. The usual place.  That would be where – The Cupboard?  I do not like sitting in a cupboard, so I am moving.
  11. Two halves of a pupating caterpillar.  The entire butterfly is yet to manifest as real.  And 2 tens do not make 20.  Not in this instance.  In this instance, two 10’s make 1.
  12. Pleads the 5th so awaits the same fate.
  13. Is certain.
  14. Love is a love, is a love.
  15. Found a form of freedom.
  16. Is not loyal.  It is rather a reminder of the company we are sometimes obliged to keep.
  17. Will throw the Rule Book at you whether or not you have read it.  And then he will move on.
  18. Has been around this block before.  It knows the landmarks well.
  19. Sleeps with eyes wide shut.
  20. Is empty.
  21. 1:21.  Make that fit any goddamned verse you like.  21 is not religious and the choice to be – or not to be – is his prerogative.

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  1. We should esteem the life of us
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    When going home I drink with nutrition. For example, I use five fruits and vegetables, grind mixing them. I drink it and change for lunch.
    One week I eat meat one time and every day I am massaged stomach thirty – minutes by a machine; and then, I am taking naps for one hour.
    Next, when waking up, I am chanting the Buddhist scriptures for one hour in order to against the stress, the purpose should forget anything in the past and the present, so I am update of modern mindset if not, I could be a fixed mindset. During, I’d myself review one’s self in order to find out my evil – minded, and develop my best of my sublime ideology.
    After that, I am creating book for some chapter or few of paragraphs . Either – or, I am drawing a painting in art or sculpting one artistic object. As you know before three years in the past, my weight was 175 pound, but I am now to have 126 pounds when my stomach is without grease .
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    Finally, the life of humankind is of valued dignity more than everything in our worldly, and therefore, I should struggle for Democracy, Freedom and Justice when I do based on of our United States Constitution without violate to crime. My life always creates for happiness and source of pleasure in one’s self.

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