Once upon a Sunday – Blog No. 41

Since Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, it is a good day to set aside for dreaming.  That is not to say that dreaming can only be done when you are resting, it just means that the quality of dreams nurtured at rest will be better than those managed whilst you are on the hop.  Every day I dream for a new tomorrow.  Every single day, without fail.  On shit days I spend my time dreaming about what I have that does not exist in this world.  That kind of dreaming takes a lot of focus and given that the dream itself is a beautiful construct, no matter how bleak the hours get it fills my heart and my head with hope.  And Love.  On good days, I dream into this world.  It just depends.  I can’t say whether I prefer dreaming out, or dreaming in.  Perhaps dreaming into this world is more satisfying because living day to day is an actual experience, happening, and it can be decisively influenced by our dreams.  Dreams become your actuality if you allow them to manifest themselves, real.  Dreams can only become reality, however, when you know who you are and you have the stamina and the passion to follow yourself into the future you have built.  Dreaming for the past is not only a pointless pastime, it is a waste of time.  The past is done with.  It is not on next year’s agenda, for instance, so do not entertain it when you decide to choose your dreams.  Dreams take your worlds forwards – remember that.  These days they are about the only things that do.  Also remember to dream a special dream for all those whom you love.  Dreaming for yourself, alone, is selfish and greedy – especially when you are good at dreaming.  In any case, what you wish for yourself you should wish for all of humankind.  The minute you decide you are deserving of greater dreams than your fellow men is the moment you alienate yourself entirely from humanity.







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  1. quangbright

    Discussing for situation
    Our prism of American people should be clear and equal eyes when we realize in estimation to one object; and for example, The Vietnam War, the Iraq War and the Syrian refugee. When we are modern people of the whole world, our sublime erudition is highest of others people of the world — uncertainly, our philanthropy is low more than others backward people races because our insights is the same as dim prism. In fact, those above events were belongs to our United States Constitution that have solemnly been approved by our American Congress. Thus, we are looked back on those events and to be misconduct in all.
    First, the bad event of our Vietnam War; since our American Congress was approved by the America Constitution. our American Congress has allowed to our American Army, which invaded to Vietnam land without deepest events; In fact, the Vietnamese did not only violate to our nation but also have never terror to our People, but our American government has been not only invaded this land but also murder so much of Vietnamese for more year than 30 years. In the end, our American government did not only betray Republic of Vietnam but also deceive the excellence of South Soldiers again. Our American conducts of sublime values of Democracy, Freedom and Justice has stepped down because we did destroyed Vietnam land and betrayed our Vietnamese soldiers allied again. When our American strategists are pleasure and happiness, they are interestingly enjoying for Vietnamese who were imprisoned, wounded soldiers and soldiers deaths on April 30, 1975 when we cut and run out of Vietnam battlefield. How would we do for our America Constitution?
    Second, the bad event of the Iraq War looks like the Vietnam War because Iraqi people could not terror to our nation or make injury to our hair leg, but, which is why to we destroy this nation when our Human Rights and philanthropy are super more than others people races. For inhuman event was born to terrorism; this terrorist takes place to whole world, not only our honest and innocent American citizens were injuries by our main government without strange enemies which. So many of our innocence of American soldiers who were died in the battlefields by the ambitious American strategists are limitless of the game of the wars.
    Third, the Syrian refugee has taken place on the world when French and Germany governments are taken good care for these honest and innocent Syrian refugees because they are no have ambitious politics or terrorists. They are the same as our honest and innocent of American citizens when they do wishing and dreaming a good life in order to share modern society. However, the few of American politicians are selfish because since, they have voted to invade others nations, were happy and interestingly destroying others happiness. They have never thought back in one’s self. For example, their families are happy when their children will not be died in battlefield by the few of bombed emperors, they’ll not think about to the properties of the honest people were destroyed by the French, Russian and Great Britain and our American government have been ravaging for these backward nations.
    In conclusion, the few of our American politicians and leaders are selfish because they’ve kept their firm ego which is super more than their morality and philanthropist. Their forgiveness was lost by their ambition is unlimited. Next, our American people have highly been considering for environment of whole world or so-called is climate aid, which is worst involved by healthy people, but they’ve never counted to one bomb in which is contain so much carbonate during spreads in our world. Finally, the Syrian refugee will not be accepted by our American government, so our super values of Human Rights , Democracy, Freedom and Justice are bankrupted by our leaders are politicized by these events above.

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