I don’t answer to my slave name – Blog No. 42

I saw this today, written on a photo of Mystique from the X-Men.  It made me think and I think it should make us all think.  What – exactly – is in a name?  And what of every slave of old who was forced to carry his ‘owners’ surname as his own?  The families of those slaves still carry those names and I would imagine that they’d appreciate knowing their true heritage and the actual heritage of the name they hold.  I am not sure whether any of those slaves’ families ever considered themselves to be anything other than what they were to begin with but with the advent of labels many things on this planet changed.  Another thing that concerns me, how many of those slaves remembered to tell their grandchildren their real names?  Sadly, I am sure that many didn’t.  That is why DNA is so important – it can find us all our roots.  It cannot perhaps give original ‘names’ back to lost families, but it can make amends to their hearts.

Children need to understand where they came from.  And why.  If grandparents had to flee their homes and settled elsewhere for reasons of safety, then the family must remember that.  Therein lies great trauma that was probably never addressed.  That is what concerns me now about the Syrian refugee crisis.  That same basic terror is being perpetuated.  Myriad children are learning that the world which ‘houses’ them is not a safe place to be, nor is it filled with much humankindness.  That – for any child – is absolutely terrifying.  Children need three basic things – something to eat, a safe home in which to live, and to know that they are loved.  If as a parent you can provide for your children even one of those gifts, it is a good start.  When you can offer your children none of those – why have children?  And saying ‘I love you’ to a child – or anyone in fact – without any real sentiment carrying the words does not convey to them anything other than a lie.  If you will lie to your child – why have one?

It is important to know that a lot of people that live in sunny countries have a vitamin D deficiency.  This is because they wear too much sunscreen.  Go into the sun in safe hours and supplement your system with nature, just don’t sit in the sun at noon without expecting some serious sunburn.  A vitamin D deficiency is not healthy.  Neither is a vitamin B deficiency.  And did you know?  A flame does not have a shadow.  Unless you shine a torch on it.  Then, it might.



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  1. quangbright

    Happy Thanksgiving to C.J Birch,
    Reforming for system of government
    In my opinion that If Ms. Lynch were not approved by the United States Senate that is a good reason let our system of American Government should be reformed for suitable to our United States Constitution because our America Constitution has three branches in which are equal each other. However, three organs seem not equal; and therefore, it was born to misuse of authority. In fact, one government of super democrat, so all of its people ought to perform Justice. No one has sat on America Constitution which is why we ought to carry our America Constitution through our low level to our high levels without discrimination and racism, skin and color.

    First of all, our system of government has three organ branches in which are equal each other, but there has never had equality. For example, our people vote for president and congress, but our private law is never voted by our people, our chief of supreme Court is nominated by our president. The chief of supreme Court of the United States of America who has been ruling for the long run to when he or he will be dead. Thus, if our president who is belongs to Republican or Democracy party, so our Chief of supreme Court must be shown favorite his own party than others. In fact, former President Bush’s son and Vice President Al Gore, our Chief of supreme Court has preconceived notion of the Bush’s son and not care for Vice President Al Gore case in our general election.

    Second, Supreme Court of our United States of America could not seem for having jurisdiction in judge for our leaders who are high ranks because our chief of supreme court is not voted by our American citizens, but he was nominated by our President and Congress that could approve him or her. In contrast, our America Constitution has approved for three organs that are equality but not equal as we have been seen for many times if our president or high ranks could be violated America’s law, he or she should be hearing in America Congress, but our supreme court can not prosecute him or her. Even if, our president is special favor of civil rights; for the criminal violence will not be special favor of him or her because the spirit of high regard adorers of the best way of the American law is as important as than high ranks — if our president or high ranks who have abused authority, he or she must be prosecuted by our Supreme Court in order to check the influence of his or her ego or his abuse – one’s power.

    Third, our private law branch is voted by all of American citizens when the abuses one’s power will not be existed in the system of American government. As anyone of the United States of America must be prosecuted before the American Courts without discrimination races who is low or high level in our society. For example, the chief of supreme Court will be influenced by his high leaders or political party. When Chief of supreme court ought to perform justice, he or she has followed with America Constitution. If chief of supreme court has abused one’s power, he or she must be prosecuted by America legislative or America Executive, or next term, the American citizens will not vote for him or her again because the American people have been considering for his or her duty and responsibility if he or she is the best, it will be voted again; thus, he is worst let’s fire him go home.

    In conclusion, in case of Ms. Ms. Lynch, Attorney General, the United States of America, will not be approved by the United States Senate because our system of political parties has secretly been fighting for supremacy when its code of political and powerful interests is vie for position each other. For example, if Ms. Lynch are not African, Ms. Lynch are white or Republican party, so the United States Senate must quickly approve, Ms. Lynch were nominated by President Obama and since Obama is democratic party. When the United States of Senate is controlled by absolute majority of Republican memberships, it can not approve for Ms. Lynch. Therefore, Supreme Court of the United States of America must be independent organ branch, it will be belongs to democrat or republican party and will not be nominated by our American President and to be approved by American Congress. The jurisdiction of Supreme Court of the United States of America is as equal as the America’s legislative and executive branches, so the worst events of the United States of power will never taken place again; and then, all of super values of sublime democracy, freedom and justice will be reality

  2. This post is beautifully written and so intelligent. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts with us. So many people know almost nothing about their heritage. A few years ago my daughter decided to do some genealogical research. I was amazed by everything she found, including that on their dad’s side, she and her brother are distant cousins to Prince William and Prince Harry. My children have dark red hair. It’s a recessive gene so it has to be present on both sides of the families. I knew my maternal grandmother had red hair. Now we know where the red hair comes from in their dad’s family. They are Spencer gingers! You’re right, though, that many people will never be able to do that kind of research and find out who they are, who their families were, and what they did. I found such joy in my daughter’s research. I wish everyone could do the same.


  3. We fight a war to end slavery in the US. Raise The Flag: Lean Thy Arms is a book about a struggle for education and this author writes stories so to make things better.

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