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News of the World – Blog No. 63


I am quite certain that baby rape is – in addition to a heinous crime – symbolic. Of at least two things. One – there are things going on that have perhaps reached a head. A heads-up, if you like. Two – I am wondering why it is that so many black children are being subjected to this particular suffering. Not only black children, but many, many black children. It’s not right. Like it’s not right that the souls stolen from the children by the LRA were the souls of innocents. That kind of energy should not be in the care of a man like that. In fact, if I had my say, I would say be sure to burn him. That is the way to free the prisoners he holds, still. Thousands and thousands of them. That freedom is like the rising of a new tide, a phoenix from the flames, an army of beauty let loose to reclaim the empty houses roaming lonely the savannahs. There are a lot of empty houses. That is not a bad thing, but it is something to be aware of. It is a matter of time before these empty houses get inhabited. There are many undesirables that require housing. The good news is that there is a way to keep the houses empty until they can be filled by their respective owners. And yes, you can call them owners. They are. When it comes to a perfect fit, doors open. It has always been the way. That fail-safe takes into consideration not only evolution underway, but also the aging process. Hour by hour and every hour in between the hours. That is one sure way to be sure of your motivation and to be quite certain of where you are going. And – it is the way to ensure that when you do get where you are going, you can get in. It is pointless if you cannot get in. If you should underestimate the degree of change that is possible in a very short space of time, you might find yourself in a time warp. There was a story of wasps one time. It was true.

It was suggested that the Y2K was going to have a major impact on our world. It did. It was just slow-release. You might find that at that time, 00.00, there was an eclipse, if you like, a convergence of energies, realities, about which few knew. The fallout was delayed. That delay – if correctly measured – will give you an idea of the time delay of the hours between the hours, and the length of a minute. It is not that a minute is always 60 seconds.

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The Road to Utopia – Blog No. 8

68637_524425970922339_1527996228_nThe road to Utopia is not an easy road. You need smarts, wits, tenacity and a very good vehicle. It would be good if you could read from the stars, the sun. It would be advantageous if you had your own vision of perfection and were keen to strive towards it. You are advised to wear a seatbelt and to expect the unexpected. If you are not good at expecting the unexpected, then practice. Give yourself surprises until you get used to embracing the unknown. Do something new. It’s the only way forward. In this age of über-speed we need to know how to move smoothly with the chaos of an everyday. Do you realise how much information you are processing every minute? What are you absorbing, what are you hearing and adhering to? What you need to realise is that each moment of each day you are moulding your future with the choices you make based on what you respond to. That is how much control you have over your destiny. It is all in your hands. Unfortunately, a lot of people are dropping the ball.

The road to Utopia is worth finding. It’s worth travelling. More importantly, it’s there. That Yellow Brick Road that Elton John said goodbye to, is there. That is something to inspire hope in all but the totally hopeless. And worringly, there are those. A great many of those. We find people of every sort on our path to perfection and I can attest to the fact that it is in your acceptance of each kind of person you come across that you will find your own freedom. We all have something in common. Ourselves. Who cares what colour your skin is, really. Do you think a black family feels any different to a white family when their child is stolen from them? Their sense of loss will be the same. Will the 40 000+ children the LRA has stolen be forgotten by any single one of those parents? They will not. Is £30 million raised each time a black child is kidnapped and turned into a child-soldier? No. They are left to their own devices, those bereft families. When will the people realise that the theft of those children’s souls feeds the evil of Joseph Kony’s regime? I have to wonder how one black man can ‘disappear’ like he does. Do not tell me that nobody on this planet knows where Joseph Kony is hiding. Somebody knows. They must just be motivated to say so. What would motivate a man who has already sold his own soul? Think about it. Does an Indian man’s heart break any differently to that of a Welshman? I don’t believe so. I believe we are all subconsciously striving to be our best – whatever that best is. Even the cartel works to its best – with a kind of precision that is almost as flawless as the German language. When we start to understand the rituals and behaviours of our fellow men (incidentally, I am not a feminist) we will be more likely to succeed at making this planet less of a contemporary nightmare for millions of people. And that should be our collective goal. Any human being with one iota of conscience would want a more equal world for a lot of people. Freedom is everyone’s dream, I feel. Can you imagine how precious that ideal must be to someone who has never experienced freedom? And sadly, there are those. Our world needs to right a few wrongs, accept a few anomalies, make its peace with the past and get progressive.

Have a conscience. Feel how it is to be someone with internet, someone with a hot bath, someone with food in your fridge. You don’t have to suffer for your privileges, just realise them. I find it hard showering and thinking of all the starving mouths of thirsty Somalian babies. I can afford to let pure clean water run while I brush my teeth because the country I live in has a surplus. Also, I can afford to pay for that which I waste. It’s crazy. It’s also frustrating. How many countries have surplus crops that could be sent to where they are needed if there was no bureaucracy or corrupted politics getting in the way? How much money given to charities goes to the cause you think you are supporting?

Living in this world of contrasts takes a lot of thinking. Or it should. Living right means seeing beyond your comfort zone to a place where you are facing yourself in a new frame. Who is it that you are? What do you care about? What do you need? What do you want? Ask yourself. The answers are always interesting.


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