Acceptance – Blog No. 22

quote1The wise thing to do when faced with adversity is to accept it.  That is the first thing to do.  After you have accepted it, you can decide how to proceed through it.  Adversity is not averse to confrontation.  Learn to hit back at it.  I think resistance is the most common reaction when it comes to adversity.  Accept that you will resist it.  It’s natural.  Then watch it for a while, work out how best to penetrate its shell.  Adversity always carries heavy armour.  If you can see at the outset how to get beneath this armour then you will save yourself time and you will save yourself pain.  You will expose at its core its purpose – to challenge, strengthen you.  To bring you to a new understanding.  Adversity is a worthy adversary.  If you understand its lesson before it turns your life inside out then you can transcend its negativity.  It’s possible to rise above your trials while they’re happening.  This is a skill you can cultivate and you can put it to good use in your everyday.

Do you tend to your troubles with a dedicated mind or a mind distracted by every other thing?  The problem is when you are distracted by every other thing.  Troubles, when they come, like undivided attention.  It is important, however, that you do not give them undivided attention for too long.  Then they become bigger than they were when they arrived.  The challenge is to keep them from growing and escalating.  It takes mind control and a deep faith in the power you hold over yourself to receive adversity in good faith and prevent it from swallowing you whole.  Do not allow your mind to wander down dark alleyways all day, unsupervised.  Be aware of what you are thinking, when you are thinking it.   Keep the negatives in perspective.  They are a part of your day, that is all.  Do not allow them to be more than a part of your day.

Your mind is particularly helpful when it comes to mapping your actions, if you bother to ask it why it makes you do what you do.  I do believe in mind over matter.  I think the power of the mind should never be underestimated.  Not in adults, and most certainly not in our today-children.  Are you aware how fast their synapses are firing?  Their little brains are eager, ready for their world.  We need to trust that they have evolved, ready.  We need to defer sometimes to their judgement.  This world is theirs to inherit.

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  1. Why do you keep posting your personal gripes on my website? Please stop. I am not able to help you. Help yourself.

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