Inspiration/Expiration – Blog No. 23

inspiration_signInspiration is powerful.  It motivates you to act.  Feeling inspired does not mean sitting dreaming about possibilities.  It means sitting and dreaming, of course, but it means more than that.  It means doing something with the energy generated by your ideas.  Good ideas create good vibes.  Bad ideas do not.  Bad ideas sometimes supercede good ideas.  It happens.  That is because a bad idea is usually disguised as a good idea in the head of the thinker.   It is astounding what you can convince yourself of if you are determined.  Use your inspiration to inspire others.  What greater gift can you give the world?  Inspire your colleagues by being the positive guy.  Inspire your family by being real.  Watching somebody be real is a privilege.  It is a pity we do not do it more often.  It is a good way to show respect for ourselves and regard for another person.

46234_expired_timeExpiration is equally powerful.  It is the opposite of inspiration but it does not feel like it is.  It does not feel like demotivation and it does not feel too much like breathing, either.  To me, it feels like death.  We expire, eventually.  When we have done what we were sent to do on this planet, we die.  Try not to be sentimental about death.  It happens all the time.  There is no point in fearing it.  It is a freedom.  It is a state we should learn to understand better, not dread.  We have become a little too precious about death in the 21st century, despite our being bombarded with terminal facts and figures that defy reason and belief.  Death is in our faces every day.  What we learn is that we are alive, then we are not.  Death is life.  We should not hang on too tightly to the departed – as hard as that can be – we must let them move on without us because our possessiveness hinders their ability to leave this material plane.  Do not cause your loved ones to have to wait forever for you to be over them, because they will wait for as long as you need them.  Let them go forwards.  They have a path that needs travelling, they have their own footprints to find.  They have their own karmas to meet.  Remember that when you are dead you do not feel sad for the living.  You do not feel.  Those of us left behind, feel.  That is life.  If we can realise that being dead is not a punishment, we can evolve.  Dead is simply where you end up after being alive.  How you die is what is important.  We should all aspire to dying in our sleep – that is a treasure unlike any other.

We keep a spirit alive by letting it breathe through us.  Do not be selfish with your breathing.  When you speak of the dead, try to speak of them with love.  It is a good thing for you and it is a good thing for them.  The dead are best pleased to hear words of love.  They are no different to the living.


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5 responses to “Inspiration/Expiration – Blog No. 23

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  3. We are the accumulation of our dead. Each has been a key componet in one way or another to who we are now

  4. Beautifully said! Thanks fo ra thought provoking piece 🙂

  5. ‘We keep a spirit alive by letting it breathe through us’. Thanks CJ I love that. I’ll remember it.

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