The Church – Blog No. 28

2013-03-30T022503Z_3_CBRE92S1PDG00_RTROPTP_2_POPEIt has to be said, I am not a happy-clapper.  I am called ‘Catholic’, though I have not had my first holy communion nor have I been confirmed.  I have never sat in a confessional and told on myself.  I have never eaten the bread of Christ or drunk his blood.  I am skeptical about the religion Catholicism.  I am skeptical about the efficacy of the pope.  How can a man of his stature in this day and age be that against gay marriage?  Because it says so in the bible.  The bible is old news.  It adheres only to itself and in our globalising world that is dangerous, and irresponsible.  The bible says if you dare to be gay that you will suffer eternal damnation.  That is why these leaders must spout their nonsense about hell and gaydom.  Who of these leaders has been to the other side?  I would like to ask them that question.  How many gays have they seen burning in hell for their particular practice of passion?  I suspect not one, not really.  That they are condemned is a man-made thing.  The reality is that gays burn on earth.  Still.  And it’s not right.  That those who are gay suffer the prejudice they do bothers me.  Why exactly should you care who somebody else finds appealing?  Male, female – we all search to find that someone with whom we can ultimately be ourselves.  Our best mirror.  This search is constant.  Why should you be minding the business of a woman who chooses to be with another woman because the fit suits her needs better?  All her needs.  Why should it make your blood boil to think of two men in bed?  You should not be bothering so much about thinking of those things.  Let people be.  You do not have to condone every kind of behaviour.  Your personal rules will dictate to you what is not for you.  Let that realisation be enough.  If it is not for you, it is not for you.  It might be everything for someone else.  Be curious about gayness, if you must be something.  Do not be rude.  Who are you in the life of another to tell them where their heart may or may not fall?  The heart is notorious for making its own choices.  Trust your heart’s intelligence.  It fell where it did for a perfect reason.  It falls again, when it is ready.  Let it.

My concern is that the Catholic church is as rich as it is.  Do you have any idea what their property portfolio is like?  It’s obscene.  Do you have any idea the nett worth of the church?  Again, it’s obscene.  I would suggest to them that if they are as samaritan as they like to tell us they are, then they should donate nearly every cent of their revenue to the poor.  It’s about time they gave back.  They need to scale down their opulence; auction the treasures in their troves and sell a handful of their properties – and give the money away.  The church should never run at a profit and more importantly, it should grow itself up and stop trading on fear.  A god who keeps his people in line by threatening their existence is a childish god.  His notion of leading the Jesus-believers is out-dated.  You cannot hold a people in a cage forever on an empty promise.  Whoever believes that the church (and by this I suppose I mean all the churches under the Christian umbrella) is purely a charitable institution is deluded or misinformed.  The church has probably done as much harm as it has good, I think it is important to remember this.  How many honest worlds have the missionaries destroyed with their over-zealous preaching?  A lot.  How many very sick paedophiles did we find hiding under the Catholic shroud?  Too many.  How many Catholic orphanages were run by depraved abusers who acted with impunity?  Too many.  Did we hear from the church a clear condemnation of these people?  No – we heard a watered-down apology for ‘misconduct’ time and again.  In fact I think the Catholic church is one of the best at evading taking responsibility for itself.  Perhaps it needs help.  Perhaps it has never been able to ask for help?  It thinks too much of itself, Christianity.  That is not wise.  But the church is not wise.  It is self-indulgent, inflexible, and it is flawed.  I would like it to see itself for what it is.  I would like it to realise sometime soon that in this world, people go to jail for fraud.


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8 responses to “The Church – Blog No. 28

  1. Love your logic.. my sentiments entirely. I’m also Catholic 🙂

  2. Nice post, but I would probably just show up for the crackers.

    • My dad suffers from that flawed religion. He is excommunicated for marrying my mom and then some of their members continue that persecution on me for the sins of my parents with kicks under the table and practicing a social economic form of genocide. Gd is the soul judge of the truth, so I look elsewhere for religion, and I see all christian forms of religion come from the Jewish and I have some hereditary Jewish ancestry too and my friend reminds me that Gd knows where you are at. I just hope I find better social support by Gds people than I have with the roman catholic church persecuting me and my family.

      So where is Oprah when I need an endorsement for Raise the Flag so maybe I have a better chance of going on for a career?

      I have been camping in a tent several years now in retreat from corruption after leaving jail beaten by police but I am not guilty. Confusion is what I feel. My mom is diagnosed with cancer and she dies suffering and corruption in law enforcement do not help ease her pains when she knows her son is in jail, and how is she to know that law enforcement are making up false charges and false testimonies against me because we all want to believe the police.

      Chicago mass media magnifies Ryan, Blagojevich, and Peterson into criminal celebrities, but where is mass media exposure equilibrium for justice and for education?

      Education begins at home for those who have one. Raise the Flag is a book about a painstaking journey for education, something made in the USA, thanks to a WW2 vet who returns from war, becomes a principal, and keeps students in school for a brighter future. Thanks for liking and sharing Raise the Flag with your Facebook friends. For preview go to

      You know the story Raise the Flag is about how a WW2 veteran who returns from war and he uses the G bill to become a principal and he keeps me, the author of Raise the Flag in school for a better future, and forty years later here I publish the six stories in Raise the Flag.

      It has taken me a long while to put together the six stories for Raise the Flag, but this is a wonderful start and the stories are inspirational, educational, and artistic something to read and enjoy. Veterans returning would benefit from reading Raise the Flag and we need good teachers, today as much as ever. Everyone benefits from education.

      Best wishes,

      James More

  3. CJ whenever the Church hands out a ruling, it’s based on the thinking of a powerful organization of men. I go by the words of Jesus and until they can find the part where he said that women can’t be priests, or people can’t love one another because they are the same sex, or that the Church should be so filthy rich, then I’ll listen. I’m a practicing Catholic but I believe in birth control (not abortion, I love children) I believe we need women priests and in fact to allow priests to marry and I think the church should use its wealth to help the poor stand on their own two feet. And there are a lot of people out there who think like me and that’s why the membership is dropping across the country. The Church needs to change and hopefully, this new pope is genuine and not a fake

  4. Tegon Maus

    Now this one I like and agree with… some of your others… not so much

  5. Yea, the roman catholic church excommunicates my dad for marrying my mom because she does not grow up roman catholic, and when my mom takes us children to a Methodist Church to grow up free of corruption in the Roman catholic church, then they harass me for not growing roman catholic like my dad like they are fighting a terrorist jihad harassing me like they are practicing a social economic genocide, and this religious persecution happens in the USA not in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Uncle Sam and the IRS Man is one of the six stories in the book, Raise the Flag by James More, a book about his journey for education, something made in the USA, thanks to a WW2 vet who keeps students in school for a brighter future.

  6. Roman catholic church is a monster. Meddling, pointing fingers at others, and covering up for so much corruption and crime in history, Don Reimer tells me he grows up catholic schools in Chicago being beaten by lesbian nuns and defiled by pedophile priests, and you really wonder but history could be any worse without them, but he is right it is so hard to imagine when a religion covers up for so much crime and corruption in the name of their savior and virgin mother, from Inquisition to Holocaust, so it is hard to imagine how history could be worse without the roman catholic church. So hard to imagine but could be any worse without them, but you know protestants and Jewish they have their shares of crimes and corruption too.

    James More, Author of Raise the Flag

  7. Luke

    You have very effectively described a broken church, broken world and broken people. The facts paint the stark reality of the world we inhabit. And, we all share many universal truths. As you note, there are no good people or bad people—simply people. And, good and bad things can happen, without prejudice, to all people. We all share one conclusive end—a death to life in our present bodies. So, what gives life meaning? The answer for me is faith. The basis for faith is the belief, not in man-made church doctrines, but in God, eternal, unchanging and unseen. Another shared fact, the unseen is eternal—another universal shared reality for all people. And there, in the dark shadows of doubt–what we cannot see– are the seeds of faith. From my life’s experience the same sensibility you use to articulate the broken nature of our nature leads me to believe that there is in fact a Creator. The reason we as a people are separated from the Creator is our own choices, our natural inclination to do wrong as much as right. What is right? What is wrong? If you believe in a universal, shared knowledge that stealing is wrong, murder is wrong, cruelty to other humans is wrong, you are in touch with the remnant spirit given to each of us from the beginning—another shared, universal trait of humanity. And, as we all share, we all fail and harm others–intentionally or unintentionally–it is part of our being and nature, broken and in need of repair. How can we find peace and reconcile with that remnant spirit? Nothing will satisfy our longing for peace and wholeness in a broken world and with broken natures except finding peace with the belief that we are not accidents and life is not a random meshing together of individuals—we are part of a much larger world than our own self-centered universe. There is more to life than me—and that is belief and faith in God. That, for me, is the beginning of finding peace and reconcilement with the inner, unseen turmoil that we all share. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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