Love never fails – Blog No. 35

love is kindLove never fails.  That is what to take from the lesson on the left.  In an ideal world, love would guide everyone.  It doesn’t.  Also, it would be everywhere.  It isn’t.  This world is far from ideal.  However.  There are those who have it, and those who do not.  It is clear to see those who have it. They walk around like the Dalai Lama with a heart open, oozing pure love.  Feeding the environments – both physical and mental – with positivity, like prayer flags feeding the breeze.  To be able to do that takes a lot of practice, and it takes an extraordinary amount of personal work.  You don’t get to be the Dalai Lama by accident.  To him, love comes naturally.  Love is breathing.  Alive.

To understand that we are a reflection of this love is to achieve perfection with your life.  Unfortunately there are a great many obstacles between realising perfection and achieving it.   But obstacles are just that.  They are in the way, they are not insurmountable.  They are sent our way to challenge our complacent ideal, our idea of life.  We are all affected by our externals, those naturally-occurring factors that shape our realities.  Realise that reality is pretty reactionary.  It responds to you.  It is a pity we cannot control every one of our externals.  Nature has the element of surprise on her side.  She is never complacent.  She is in her same cycle of hot, cold, hot, cold.  At the moment she is heating up again.  Her path is prescribed.  She rolls around as does spring, summer, autumn, winter.  Each time, the same.  Nature knows what to do.  What she did not anticipate was the rush of humans on the face of her earth.  There are too many of us.  That fact is not worth panicking about, but it is a reality worth waking up to.  Who are you to have more than a handful of children?  A handful is enough in any culture.

Be aware, too, that you do not need to keep children as contingencies.  You do not need your genes out in the world over and over again.  These days be prudent.  A reasonable number of children should satisfy family needs.  How hard must some parents try to get it right?  Or is it that a breed of women just do not care that they are breeding creatures rather than people?  For that is what they are doing.  There is a breed of women with five children by five different men who are not around.  What does that say about society?  It says society is failing.  What can a teenager teach a child?  Life experience is what you share with a child.  I have seen these mothers swearing at their kids so many times it becomes unremarkable.  I do not believe that it is productive for a child to grow up being sworn at.  That is like being spoken at.  It is rude.  From the other side – would you want to be trapped as a dad (and keep in mind a dad is different to a father) as a teenager?  Not a chance.  These teenage mothers are a problem.  The solution?  Girls should keep their legs together when they drink or learn to use contraception.  They should stop the rush to motherhood.  It is not an escape.

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