Chaos – Blog No. 36

lightningEmbrace it.  It comes to us all and if you cannot accept that fact you will not recognise it when it arrives.  Despite their status, even the most serene souls experience chaos.  That theirs’ is within and remains within is no mean feat.  The turbulence beneath the surface – in our subconscious where our archetypes reside – is relevant to our development.  The archetypes fight.  You can be a Buddhist monk and your archetypes will still fight.  It is in learning how to watch them fight that you conquer their effect.  Watching them leads to an understanding of their actions.  It leads to seeing reason for their being.  For our archetypes work.  They are active in our self-expression, they are active in manipulating our behaviours so that we manoeuvre smoothly into the position where we are best-placed to face the choices that we have made for ourselves.  Our human nature shows us the way.  Importantly, human nature is not negotiable.  We are all what we are:  part wild, part not.  Part human, part not.  Part nature, part not.  Our complexity is what makes us interesting.  We are of Nature.  We are first and foremost of Nature.  Not of sacred mud, nor of Adam’s rib.  Should that really be the case then we are all borne of incest.  If Eve was of Adam’s rib, then Eve was of Adam’s DNA.  That makes brother and sister by my reckoning.  Sex between brothers and sisters is frowned upon no matter who you are or where you think you belong.

I would rather believe that I come of a miracle of evolution called procreation than from a story of incest in a book so old its message is virtually obsolete.  Perhaps the guy who wrote the bible spoke the universal language.  Perhaps.  I think there were moments when he translated the truth.  However, he rambled a lot.  The bible goes on too much about stuff that doesn’t matter anymore.  The church has failed to realise that the universal language does not ramble any longer.  Or mumble.  Dusty sermons served to dead ears are these days, obsolete.  I think the church has got dead ears – they fail to hear the very loud call for their God to turn up and take responsibility for his humans.  If God said and it was so, then God is what we think.  Because thinking makes it so.  That is fact.  Change your thinking and you change your world.  That is Buddhist wisdom.  There is a lot be said for Buddha’s wisdom.  He got to where he was through perseverance, and experience.  That makes him someone we can trust.  I would trust the say-so of the real man more than I would the imperative of an invisible God.

The church really has a lot of work to do.  It is so behind that it precludes itself from joining world debate.  Its message is outdated and its methods archaic.  Who in this day and age could possibly advocate no contraception?  Which god would want his own planet (for I believe that Earth has an overseer) over-populated and ravaged by the likes of poverty?  This world is struggling to cope, it is subverted by poverty.  Please understand this.  Poverty makes people do inhuman things.  If you have never been short of money, then consider yourself very, very lucky.  Whether through your own provision or private circumstance, consider yourself part of a privileged minority and be thankful.


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4 responses to “Chaos – Blog No. 36

  1. nice weblog over here! Thanks for posting…

  2. Luke

    CJ, I always enjoy reading your blog. Do you believe that there is something inherently broken in the nature of humans? It appears you do. The idea of a “partial being” (part of this and that) points toward a fracture in our nature. And, speaking of nature, you mention we are part of Nature-is this a divinity, a being, a spirit..God? Was there a grand design to our existence,or are we simply the most random of random consequences of a chance mixing of the right formula to create life? I hear both in your blog. You mention a “grand-overeer”–what/who is this and what part did they play (or do they now play) in our lives. Lots of contradictions on the surface…just like life–chaos, if we choose to believe it? Thanks again for sharing your thoughts–luke

    • Hi Luke

      I believe that the majority of humans are two/three parts to a whole. You get the occasional one. I think that most of us cannot be anything other than half/half – at the very least – because we are a summary of both dark and light, good and bad, nature and nurture. We are all about equilibrium. Instinct vs conditioning. Mind vs matter. Equilibrium is not one, it is the balance of two or more aspects. Equilibrium is black and white. A chessboard. I am not sure if the division of ourselves into various versions of ourselves qualifies us as ‘broken’ (I prefer ‘fractured’) but it does imply our wholeness has been compromised, yes. Our wholeness is compromised by the life experience. Such is unavoidable. You are required to be this person in that situation, that person in this situation. You are expected to adapt to different roles with the practised ease of a shape-shifter. That makes us all flexible, in time. Broken – perhaps not as often as it would seem. Humans are quite resilient. I think people who are exploited and abused do break. You can see a broken spirit in a person’s dead eyes. Look at photos of the child soldiers in wasted African countries who have been kidnapped and made to shoot dead their own parents. There you see dead eyes. A broken spirit can be rehabilitated. That is the good news.

      Nature is absolutely a divinity. If we subscribe to the god theory, then I believe that there are many ‘gods’ overseeing the planet’s progress. In that instance, to me, Buddha is a ‘god’ and Nature is a ‘god’. As is Krishna, as is God, a ‘god’. Allah can be construed as a ‘god’. I think he is a bit more than that, but it’s not for me to say who he is and who he isn’t. I like to think these names (humans love giving things labels) all sit in serene surroundings somewhere far and away from capitalism and commercialism and work on the dynamics of their particular following. Where is all the belief going, otherwise? The faith? That amount of energy is going somewhere, believe me. Is it fuelling happenings in a parallel universe? Is it fuelling your everyday in this here and now? You have to wonder. I think a great deal happens in the mind. The collective unconscious is s p a c e. Headspace. That is why headspace – the control of your own – is so vital.

      I think we are how we are coded, genetically. I’m not really sentimental about that. Your genes are good or they are not. You are smart or you are not. There are varying degrees of good, varying degrees of smart. There is excellence and there is mediocrity. That is how it is. Some people are bigger thinkers than others – that is just how it works. Also, we are how we were shown to be by our care-givers. We are how we have been loved. If you have not been shown or known love of some sort, then that is very sad for your person. You have missed out on something.
      I think that life is a master design with no ceiling limit. We make our own realities. If we can conceive of it, we can achieve it. On some days I wonder if we are not all avatars – being ‘worked’ by our own minds in another reality. There are so many ideas that I have about humanity. We are extraordinary, the power of the mind is legendary. Something to behold. Worryingly, we take its wonder as complacently as we turn on the tap.

      • Thank you, CJ, for the wonderful response. Your passion for humanity and the world is clearly evidenced in your writing, art and thoughtful giving back to the world. I appreciate giving of the time to respond. I recently started a blog at : I hope you visit when you have the time. Again, thank you for your writing and perspectives on the world we share and live in, Blessings, luke

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