Boredom – Blog No. 34

boredquotesHow do you prevent yourself from morphing into that most heinous of beasts; the cause of boredom?  That bore that comes of common complacency, and the bore that you become to yourself when you refuse to use your life for the purpose it was built?  Your life was built for your self-expression.  If you fail to express yourself – anywhichwayhow you can manage it – you fail at your core purpose.  Self-expression and self-esteem are inextricably linked – do not forget that.

Boring is tiring.  It is a decimator.  Boring is adhering religiously – yes, religiously – to a certain set of circumspect rules that you allow to govern your life.  You should stand up for yourself more.  You should stand up to yourself more.  We’re tyrants.  Each one of us.  That is perhaps no comforting thought, but it is fact.  When you learn to meet and greet frequently your menace you will find yourself more able – and better-equipped – to face your demons.  Demons are in fact not as terrifying as we make them out to be to ourselves.  They all have their reasons, they all have a message to share.  It is in watching their behaviour(s) that you will find resolution, if you choose to use their (very manageable) resources to your benefit.  Again – that choice is up to you.  Deny that you have demons and I will laugh.

Back to boring.  Boredom.  A low boredom threshold is not a sign or symbol of a maladjusted human being.  It is the sign of someone who will not tolerate mediocrity in either their own lives, or those of the people they allow to influence their days.  We all allow someone to influence our days.  A friend, a dead someone, an abusive memory made by one of the ego-tamers in our lives.  We all meet those – and believe me, we need them.  Ego-tamers are like gifts from the gods.  Learn to recognise them for who they are and celebrate their attention.  Ensure that you do not confuse an ego-tamer with an abuser.  They are very different creatures.


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3 responses to “Boredom – Blog No. 34

  1. louiville

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    For someone with a low boredom threshold this blog is so true.

  2. This is a very timely blog from my point of view. I am currently in agony over doing what I was not put on Earth to do. I have always stubbornly succeeded in resisting coercion and conditioning in life to do only what feels right for me. 5yrs ago I gave up running my management consultancy business to write & do sculpture. I was happy. Recently my business partner seemed to need my help so out of a sense of guilty responsibility (I take the money and do nothing in return – anymore) I offered to step in and do some auditing work. After a couple of days of it I started to get depressed and that has moved on to furious incidents of anger. What you say above pretty much summarises why. Thanks (:-)

  3. I am not so much bored, but rather duress and adversity erodes my physical and psychic well being from held up for a beating by political persecution. I sneak in Raise the Flag, a book about my long and difficult journey for education, after being robbed by white collar criminals, extorted for bribes George Ryan and the IL Sec of State office, and beaten down by law enforcement who make up false charges, reports, and testimonies. And now adversaries yell at me, I told you to get out of here and stay out, so why do you keep coming back. It is not the ham that defiles a man. You need a bath or maybe you can go out west with the rest of the liberals and learn how to play act for us. Now get mad and fight back so we can put you in prison and force you to work in a prison release and stick that jewish cross up your ass. Right, yea right. So while camping in a tent living homeless after being robbed by a political party, enduring curses and contempt, I use my education by bringing you, Raise the Flag. I live those stories and share my memoirs about my journey for education under duress and adversity or political persecution. For a preview and to buy Raise the Flag go to

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