Change – Blog No. 39

changeSome of us are bred to embrace change.  Others are afraid.  Change is a remarkable leveller and it should be employed by all of us to prevent our getting complacent.  Complacency is not something to aspire to.  There is a point at which change becomes destructive, however, and so we need to know how to manage its happening.  Try not to make dramatic changes too often.  Rather go at the process slowly, taking time to adjust to whatever it is that is new to you before you take on another set of circumstances.  The same applies to your thinking.  In order to change your thinking – and this is advisable for 2013, the year of new beginnings – you need to go at it slowly.  Expect resistance from your old ideals and thought processes.  Getting your mind to tidy itself up is a challenging task, but one that is worth doing.  If you have help in the shape of a good listener who can assist you with the exorcism of bad memories, make use of their facility.  Open your heart for a moment to someone you can trust with its vulnerabilities.  Bad memories take up a lot of mind space.  They waste a lot of mind space.  Take them out and look at them, then decide how best to dispose of them.  You will never be rid of them entirely, but you can put them into storage once you have worked out their pain.  Do not be afraid to change your mind.  Never be afraid to change your mind.  If it is acceptable for women to be changeable, then it is acceptable for men to be changeable.  This is a world in which we work towards the ideal of equality, is it not?

Imagine changing from a backward-thinker to a forward-planner.  Stranger things have happened.  They say the future belongs to the dreamers.  They are not far wrong.  The dreamers each have a guarantee.  Their futures will happen as they imagine them.  It is the easiest concept to grasp.  Where you put your headspace is where you will find yourself.  You are what you think.  And since you are always becoming – you are always changing.  You cannot escape it.

Let life change you.  The safest way to go forwards (and forwards is a good way to be going) is to be adaptable.  When you can watch life unfolding in front of your eyes and negotiate its rapids as smoothly as you can manage its meanderings, then you know you are being adaptable.  Adaptable is flexible.  When you resist change you block your feng shui.  Any blockage in Nature is a problem.  You must not restrict your own flow.  Let life come to you and take its deliveries with grace, humility.  Then let them go.  Nothing is yours to hold on to.  Feel that you are a part of the flow and know then that you have surrendered to the way of things.  Surrender is good when it lessens stress.  It is not defeat.  Be sure that what you surrender to – if you are able to give yourself up – is worthy of your burdens.  I think Jesus is tired of carrying the load and besides, I do not see that piling your sins on the shoulders of a dead man is in any way helpful to you in the long run.  All the Jesus-believers need to give the guy a break and take accountability for themselves.  That will be hard at first, when you are used to delegating responsibility for your behaviour to God or Jesus.  I wonder what will happen when the bottom falls out of the church?  It will fall.  It is just a matter of time.  I wonder then whether the myriad believers will turn on their priests the way the Jews turned on Jesus?  I think there will be too many questions without answers.  That is the church’s problem now – they have a book of songs to explain life to their children.  How helpful is it in this day and age to be taught from the bible?  It is not helpful.  There are many more reliable sources to use when training the minds of our today-children.



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9 responses to “Change – Blog No. 39

  1. Luke

    We agree 🙂 “follow your heart” 🙂 “you have to guide change” 🙂 “you choose how you let it affect you” 🙂 and All things work together for good – Romans 8:28 Thanks again, CJ, for giving of your time responding and sharing your perspectives, have a great day–luke

    • Change in our own life is as natural as evolution is to creation. We are changing every day, learning new things, growing from our education, maturing, since the day we are born. Raise the Flag is a book with six easy to read stories about my journey for education, something that is achieved under duress while suffering adversity in spite of political persecution and look how education prevails by bringing you, Raise the Flag at

  2. Hi C.J. This is the truth.

  3. Change is rebuilding the life to be good more than in the past. We cannot go on the oldest way of others, we should create a new way in order to change the oldest.
    Another, as we see Heaven and earth have layout for four seasons, but each year of each season is different to each other. Heaven and earth always change their seasons. Then, human beings should be changing to new thoughts.
    Finally, each man has creative a new own road. Man could not go on the oldest of path of others because man does wish life perfectly.

  4. You’ve tackled quite a litany of themes in this post dear CJ. You’re absolutely right in suggesting that men are capable of change. I address in my book “The Walk” ( how, after an invitation with the DIVINE, I went from being one who had all the answers, the keeper of all things HOLY, to one with very few answers and tons of questions and a servant! I believe and have experienced that we can be taught from virtually everything and everyone, including the Bible and the person who resides in the street – if we’re present and open! The AUTHOR of WISDOM speaks through all. Thank you for this well thought out missive. “During times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the knowers will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists” – Eric Hoffer

  5. CJ, I enjoyed,as always, reading your perspectives on “Change.” A couple of quick thoughts/questions: 1. In relationships, what do you think causes the most problems–changing or failing to change? 2. You write, “Let life change you” — but, being adaptable and flexible could be interpreted as being flexible in integrity, honesty, morals, ethics, compassion, kindness or even love depending on the conditions? Some things are meant to be tough–the path isn’t always going to be smooth and straight, no matter how hard we try or how flexible and adaptable we choose to be…right? I have seen people tossed into circumstances that could drag them down if they did not hold their ground on their beliefs and integrity. Some things shouldn’t change…right? And, one quick thought, Jesus is not tired or dead, in my faith. He is the risen mediator–alive and very well–at the right hand of God. I don’t put my faith in people, a church, or a man-made doctrine and rules, but in the reality of God’s presence, existence and providence. Thanks again for your wonderful writing and thoughts and allowing the feedback! Blessings, luke

    • Hi Luke.

      I think that in relationships the problem is whether or not you can grow/change together. I think you both need to change, at a constant rate, in order to combat growing apart. Growing apart happens quicker than some people realise it does. Women often try to change men. That is an ongoing problem. They have an ideal that they will bend a man towards and this breed of woman is pretty adept at getting its way. She will find a man that is suitable as a partner and then she will begin the slow process of manipulating him into becoming something other than who he is. These sort of women will change the ‘who’ of a man and that is not a wise thing to do. Men do not often try to change women. A man falls in love with a woman and would like her to stay the same forever. Men do not understand when their women go through metamorphoses. Most women – in meaningful relationships – do. I don’t think it is simple for men to understand what makes women work the way they do. Women have a set of rules that they follow – often not bothering to inform the man of what the rules actually are.

      Honestly, I think flexible does mean flexible in every way depending on the circumstances. If you are in a life or death situation you will lie with unbelievable ease. Morals, compassion, kindness – all the things you mention – in many of us are flexible. We need to keep a handle on their elasticity and that is where the challenge lies. We all have opinions on how we must behave in relationships, in life. What influences our behaviour is the nature of the people with whom we find ourselves involved. We should be sensitive to the others in our space because their output changes our output. Especially when those others generate conflict.
      I think some things should stay the same, yes. Our fundamental nature is – and should be – fixed. People are what people are, even those who have been ‘changed’ forever by circumstance.

      I know Jesus is alive and well for many people. I’m happy about that. He makes many a world go around with his forgiveness and omnipresence. People will believe what they need to believe in order to keep their stories from falling flat. Jesus holds a lot of hands in the dark. You can’t fault a man for that, even though he is dead. His legacy lives on – he made a dent in the universe, clearly. 🙂

      • Hi CJ,

        Thank you for giving of your time to respond so passionately and in an incredibly inspiring way.

        Everything we see around us changes. That’s a fact. And, for those people who enjoy the facts, just the facts, here is one none of us can escape: someday we will be the change. We will die and whatever legacy is left will live on, for good or bad; for a brief time or a longer time. As for us, we will experience change in a final way, a change that will lead to an eternal destiny.

        It sounds kind of bleak, doesn’t it? And, I am an optimist—for sure! 🙂

        So, how can we find peace in change? For me, in faith—in the God that we do not see. But, He is here, now, and always will be present. God does not change. He is the same today as He was a day ago or a billion years ago.

        God waits to be wanted.

        I discovered over the course of many years that finding faith is not a search in our soul. If we try to seek God in self-realization we will fail. God does the reverse: God will use faithful believers as His self-realization on Earth. Seeking God is looking past our soul, our self and the world of chaotic change to a God that first seeks us and reaches down to us to redeem and reconcile humanity. An open, humble heart is the fertile soil that God seeks to find in each of us. To accept God’s grace is the most humbling change we can experience and the most rewarding.

        Thanks again, CJ, for your wonderful thoughts and perspectives—and allowing such a wonderful forum for feedback and sharing perspectives. You definitely inspired me with your writing, as always. Blessings, luke

      • The only way to find peace in change is to know that every change is for the better. Then you can relax. You have to guide change. You choose how you let it affect you. There is one way to make sure the changes are for the better – follow your heart.

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