Awareness – Blog No. 42

Johari-Window-Model_JK-Web_RevisedStart by asking yourself how much you know about this planet you inhabit.  Its people.  Its animals.  Its problems.  How much do you know about yourself?  It is easy to assume that you know everything there is to know about who you are, since you are the one who has lived with you since birth, but in each of us there remains the unknown.  There are aspects of ourselves that lie dormant, waiting patiently for the push it will take to wake them up.  That push comes from facing adversity.  From loving with everything you have.  From procreating.  From creating.  We are all creators.  Take pleasure – and pride – in your creation:  your life.  If you cannot feel pride about your life then you understand you are on the wrong path, wasting your potential.  If you cannot feel positive about your days and the place you find yourself in them, then you realise you need to adjust your thinking.  You cannot avoid having to modify your thoughts when you want to take yourself out of a mediocre situation.  There is not one of us who should accept mediocrity.  If your life is mediocre, fix it.  It has the potential for excellence.  You should want to find the best in yourself.  If you do not feel that need, you should perhaps question your purpose on this planet.  If you cannot define your purpose, you need to find one.  You cannot go from dawn until dusk each day without true purpose.

Others are helpful when it comes to making us aware.  Be willing to take another’s opinion on board, sometimes it will be your saving grace.  If a person is brave enough to tell you what you don’t want to hear, respect their courage and do your best to impact the assessment.  If you do not trust the person who is giving you their opinion, then do not bother taking their words to heart.  Use them as exercise, emotional exercise.  It is easy.  You will know if someone is criticising you, or giving you feedback.  You cannot mistake the feeling of being criticised.  Be grateful for feedback when it is objective, honest.  Do not accept insults, accept the truth.

In your awareness, make space for further awareness.  Expand your capacity.  Know that your mind is eager to stretch itself to accommodate the new.  Be curious about who you are in relation to other people.  We are not all the same, but we are a collective.  Your differences are your distinction.  Similarities are sweet, comfortable, routine.  They make us feel safe.  A difference makes a difference.  Find your best in your distinction.  You will not find your best when you sit in the ditch with the rest of humanity whining about the world owing you a living.  The world owes you nothing.  You owe you.  It is important to realise that giving in this world is what is required right now.  Giving is vital for a person’s well-being.  Until every single person on this planet is in a position to give (something back), we have a problem – an imbalance.  When you give nothing, you get nothing.  When you have nothing, you cannot give.  It’s a vicious circle.

The thing to know is that the world does not pick up man’s mess.  The world moves along at a pace unchanged.  Time ticks as fast as it always did, we only have twenty-four hours in each day.  Make sure you use your hours for the betterment of yourself, of others.  Be aware of your wants, your needs.  Be aware of what you say, to whom.  What you have to say for yourself, tells.




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5 responses to “Awareness – Blog No. 42

  1. lpaulick

    Good job, C.J. I think it would be great if you went into (a little further) the near last part about giving: Some people probably hear that and wonder how they or anyone else who may have “nothing to give” right now can Still be giving constantly. OR, that is, whatever your take on it is. I’d like to hear this from you!–

    My concern on this is the phrase “is in a position.” That’s because my personal position is that everyone at every moment EVERYWHERE is in a position to give. So what does “give” mean, we may wonder.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Lynelle

      The worry I have is that when you feel empty inside you don’t feel as if you have any surplus energy to give out – because yes, technically, it should be that even if we have nothing material to give we can always give of ourselves. Sometimes we can’t. Sometimes the energy we possess must be channelled inwards because it is needed for our survival in a fast-paced world of contrasts. A lot of people struggle through their every day. These people are just trying to find a way forwards, they have no capacity to worry about their neighbours. If you are starving in Somalia you will not have energy to feel sad for the person across from you. You want to eat. To survive. That is all you want.

      Where there are those who cannot – or will not – give, or share, there is a natural imbalance. More is then required from other sources to keep equilibrium. I believe giving is soul speaking. When your soul is silent your heart aches. You are nothing if you are not expressing yourself through your dreams, your actions. If you are doing nothing, you are nothing. We are none of us built for nothing.

  2. Well said my sister – and oh so true!!! Blessings!!!

  3. Luke

    CJ, Excellent post–as always! Giving is the heart of living our fullest lives… Best, luke

  4. Great post. And I’m pleased to say that I can now tick those boxes!

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