Voyeurism – Blog No. 55

Bathroom voyeur sgnReality TV is voyeurism.  You are granted the opportunity to watch the intimate goings on of a group of people, persons.  Why do we  have a fascination with others’ lives?  Is it because we need to compare ourselves to someone else in order to gain some perspective on our own world situation, or is it because we feel entitled to have an opinion about how other people run their days?  How others run their days is not our business unless their actions clash with our own strategy.  If there is a clash of interests, you will find yourself standing your ground and fighting your corner.  It is just the way we work when we believe strongly in something.  If there is a conflict of interests, you may find yourself giving ground – either ideological or actual – in order to keep the peace.  It depends on what kind of person you are.  Do you know who you are?  Do you know whether you are a pacifist, a fascist, a humanitarian or a non-entity?  If you are a non-entity in your own life, that is a problem.

Watching others is interesting.  As a sentient human being you cannot remain unaffected by the sight of someone who is emotionally overwrought.  Whether it is grief, or pain – or victory – it will tell upon your nerves the same.  You will respond to what you see.  If you do not respond, you are probably psychotic.  If you are programmed to feel nothing for other people then you need to re-programme yourself.  Notice what is happening in the lives around you.  You are a part of many realities, you share common ground with many different people.  Realise that we are all fighting battles, facing demons, finding angels.  We are all at the mercy of our feelings.  Emotions are meant to be controlled, not ignored.  If you have no interest in other people and their emotions then you are not going to be able to help make this world a better place.  There are too many hurt people milling around, there is still too much disillusionment.  That is the problem with living an illusion in the first place.  However.  We all become disillusioned at one time or another in our lives.  There are always going to be those things that do not measure up to our expectations.  If you tell me you have no expectations (so that you never face disappointment) I will tell you that you are doing your future a disservice.  It is not advisable to do your own future a disservice.  You need to have expectations.  You are entitled to have expectations.  That is what keeps this world going around.

I think we should all expect a peaceful world.  That is the least we can do for ourselves.  I think freedom should be a right.  It is clear that you can find freedom, no matter what your constraints, but this is not something you can learn in one day.  You need to spend your life making yourself truly free.  That is the goal of every beginning.  Each time you return, you free yourself from further chains.  Our existence is not a punishment, I am so tired of people believing that.  Religion put that idiotic idea into man’s head.  Religion has a lot to answer for.  Of all institutions it is the least-equipped to explain itself to this planet and I question the value of any set of rules that does not care to justify itself in today’s terms.  Religion is control.  That is all it is.  It keeps people in line – which is no bad thing – but it divides.  Like borders divide.  If none of the religions can even agree about what God actually is, then how must we follow their say-so?  They do not know who – or what – they are talking about.


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12 responses to “Voyeurism – Blog No. 55

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  9. I enjoy reading your blogs. Hope you read the the story of Jesus. In fact read the old testament of the The Holy Bible and see how many times He was mentioned, and what His purpose is. The Lamp, The Messiah, The Guiding Star, The Saviour and many more. Then when He was born, He was Named Jesus. As long as you have read the Story of Jesus ? Even in The New Testament! He said only those with Ears Shall Him. Many hear Hear Him but ignore His Call. Some ignore His Call for year’s then *BANG* they turn to Him.

    After Jesus died then got up from the dead in a new spiritual body form, HE WENT BACK TO WHERE HE CAME FROM BEFORE EARTHLY BIRTH. He said anybody who simply believe’s in Him and follows His Ways SHALL HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. HE MADE A NEW COMMANDMENT’ TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER AS HE LOVES US. With love everything is perfect. Oh yes? He stated that no man on earth shall die without HEARING HIS CALL, FURTHER HE STATED ! EACH AND EVERY PERSON THAT IS BORN ON EARTH SHALL STAND BEFORE HIM ONE DAY! Actually HE SAID KNEEL BEFORE HIM AND CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL.

    Its like mind blowing! Who does He think HE Is? I wonder makes Him claim that Authority ..

  10. In all respect to your point here about religion, in Christians there is no such thing as religion. In fact you discribed religion 100 % Religion is a set of rule’s and there are many different type of religions.
    Since you stated God or mentioned God so to say, may I ask you (the author of this blog) DO YOU BELIEVE THAT GOD IS REAL AND THE CREATOR OF EARTH AND THE GREAT EXPANSE? Do you believe that Jesus Christ’s gospel is The Way into God and He sets you free from all fear, love’s you unconditionally and gives you everlasting life right from the second you believe in Him, thus entering The Kingdom Of God In Spirit right here on earth. Do you believe God love’s all man and those that surrender unto Him Jesus Christ by simply faith live with great respect for one another and out that love is perfection growing daily in our live’s.

    • I don’t believe in all that, no. I believe the bible is very flawed and I cannot believe in this day and age that people believe Jesus is their saviour. He is not coming back to save anyone. He is a story.

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