Contraception – Blog No. 54

Contraception-WTAThis world is over-populated.  Use contraception in any shape or form.  That is the first fact to get into your head.  The second, is that birthing more than two children in this day and age is not just irresponsible, it is selfish.  How many times must you duplicate yourself in this world?  It is immaterial how much money you have.  If you love children enough to want ten, then adopt for god’s sake.  Do you know how many children do not have families on this planet?  What can they learn of Earth?  Theirs’ will be an emptiness within that will be very hard to fill.  If you cannot cope with the idea of adopting – and some people do not want to bring up another’s progeny – that is fine, but do not flood the world with your seed.  Men must update their thinking – more is not more.  Less is more for 2013 and beyond.  If you cannot conceive, you do not rush to the hospital for IVF treatment.  You wait and you see what Nature has in store for you.  Why force her hand, time and again?  Who do you think you are, demanding of her with your impatience?  Do you not think she – of all – knows best?  Do you not think she is measuring your bodies for success?  Of course she is.  She is waiting for the perfect time.  Each time you conceive unnaturally you are missing that window.  Her pace is that of patience, as a guide in life you cannot hope to find better.  If you want a child more than anything in the world, then you know as well as the next person that any child will do for you the same job.  That is important to understand.

Children love unconditionally for a very long time.  Their capacity for forgiveness – if that is even what it is to them – is humbling to see as a human being.  It is sad to think about how many times an abused child will try to make sense of what ‘love’ is.  They will forgive time and again without question, in pursuit of love.  That is what a child is born expecting to be shown.  Love.  Remember – if they are damaged children, they will have to be taught what love is.  You cannot expect a child who has been kicked around or fostered in five abusive families to function normally.  That would be insane.  That is why social services in every country in the world needs more money to do the job they are trying to do.  We need to take the problem out before it happens.  Also, you cannot move a child every five minutes and hope they will be well-adjusted to function in society at the end of it all.  You are affecting their sense of identity when you change their environment.  Appreciate that if you move a child from school to school, and/or house to house, you are forcing them to rely on change as a constant.  This can be a risky business.  If you pile the witnessing of domestic abuse on top of that and/or substance abuse, you are showing the child that violence is acceptable and/or that addiction is a potential path to follow.  Addiction to anything is not recommended, food included.  A lot of people are addicted to food and refuse to admit it.  That is no different to many alcoholics sitting at the AA.  Whether their ‘Twelve Steps’ is what to take from their ministering I can’t say, but I have heard that following God up the steps is required.  That all makes sense if you believe there is a God.  There are a lot of alcoholics who do not think there is a God.  This reality should be taken into consideration.

The church should really swallow its contraception and abortion arguments.  It is time.  If it cannot swallow its pride on this and give real ground as well as ideological ground as an institution then it is failing its followers.  It is choice that humans seek, not strict governance by a set of backward rules.  The Catholics in particular can reshuffle their policies, their celibacy laws have bred abuse and paedophilia and their issue with contraception is going to lose them followers faster than the revelation of their true wealth.  The Catholics must be called upon to explain why they have so much of this planet’s land under their belts.  They need to free up space, they need to sell on and move out.  The poor need houses.  The church can sell their properties and pay for the housing.  That is what any charitable institute would do.  And a humble religion – which all religions aspire to be, surely – will have a humble portfolio.  I think the Catholics need to show their willingness to really help the people change the state of their planet.  How else can they redeem themselves?  Alms, are alms.


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3 responses to “Contraception – Blog No. 54

  1. Roberticus

    Two kids is a net gain of zero. This wouldn’t be an issue if, as I’ve seen wandering around Europe (France and Germany especially), you’ll see a French couple with one or no kids in tow, or a German couple with one or sometimes two kids in tow- almost NEVER three in any case, then you’ll see an Algerian/Moroccan/Pakistani/pick any another Middle Eastern/North African country couple with five, sometimes more kids in tow. Oh, and Mom’s pregnant as well.
    The real issue is whether you want representation in a future world. Whites are being out-bred, plain and simple.
    Walk around London and see how many actual Englishmen you see compared to non-Englishmen. Go to the southern United States and do the same thing- Hispanic families of 4+ kids, white families 1 or 2 kids. The math is simple. Extrapolate that two or three generations, and whites are outnumbered a hundred to one as far as progeny are concerned.
    Is this an issue? It is if you feel, like I do, that white Europeans who became Americans have given the world more than any other race.
    Now before you go calling me a racist because I’m saying whites like myself are being out-bred, please let me know which country you have been in in the world where you have seen the opposite. And, please let me know which other country besides America has MILLIONS of people sneaking in because it’s such a great place to live. Thousands die every year trying to get into this great country of ours -created by Christian White Europeans- because it is a much better place than where they currently live. And, once they get here the majority of them do assimilate to our great country, but some don’t; they want this country to be like their old country. A country they left because it sucked so much, they left.
    The numbers of illegal immigrants coming into the US back me up. The number of children these folks have also does.

    So if anything, call me a mathematician, if anything.

  2. lpaulick

    This is so great, I can barely stand it, C.J.

    Overpopulation and the selfishness and irresponsibility, not to mention TOTAL IGNORANCE, frequently in the name of “go forth and multiply” dictates from the Church, are the biggest and most–I don’t even have a word for it–issues in my and my husband’s life. So THANKS!!! as always.

  3. It’s not just the Catholic Church with its loads of money, but all organized religions that need to spread the wealth. The Mormons and the Evangelical churches all share the same blame. Where the church should change their policy is allowing priests to marry, allowing female priests, and allowing birth control. I’m not for abortion because, unless it’s rape or child abuse, using birth control will help stop a lot of unwanted pregnancies. The big problem is that Drug companies make birth control to darn expensive.

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