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Floored – Blog No. 11


Being floored can be a stressful event for certain types of people.  For others, it is an essential experience – hence it is regarded as one of Life’s greater pleasures.  It is preferable to be of the latter type, unless you have no choice, in which case you simply deal as best you can with the hand you have dealt yourself.  Stress is a serious disease.  As is bitterness, hatred.  It is a shame for those who are floored with a heart filled with hatred because their longevity depends on their ability to get grounded in Love.  Love does not invite hatred into its sacrosanct space.  Ever.  In fact it chases hatred right out.  That is its way.

There is a technique to a perfect flooring.  It takes practice.  Landing takes practice, too.  In some instances the floor will be there for you when you fall – in others, it won’t.  Be sure you do not need a floor if you haven’t got one, otherwise you might find yourself landing badly.  It is possible on the odd occasion to floor yourself.  This is the best position in which to find yourself because a personal flooring is quite possibly the best learning curve, ever.  Tripping yourself up, on the other hand, is not advisable.

When you floor something – or someone – properly, the reason behind said flooring becomes immediately apparent.  You do not question the reasons.  You accept your grounding with good grace and you take gratefully the lessons that are learned when your head hits the deck.  When your body hits the deck you best hope that you did not have far to fall, else it will hurt.  It is like that with unplanned landings.  Once landed, floored, grounded, it is advisable to get straight back up.  You know what they say about getting back on track – the sooner you pick your lip up off the floor and stiffen your resolve the more likely you are to begin getting where you think you are going.


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Luck – Blog No. 95

Make-Your-Own-LuckYou do realise that you are as lucky as you think you are?  It is also true that you make your own luck.  That is very encouraging news when you consider that your future is going to be what you make of it.  You can include for yourself in your days as much luck as you can possibly muster.  Pull from all sources.  Bless yourself with big dreaming.  You do not need to wait for someone in this world to give your dreams approval.  Dare to believe for yourself that your temperament is involved in your ‘luckiness’.  Groom yourself, your thinking, for luck.  Please know that luck is not coincidence.  Nothing is coincidence.

Luck is not something that you resent if you should see another person getting lucky.  You be happy for them.  You recognise their good fortune and you ask them how they look at life.  The way they look at life will tell you a lot about their ‘luckiness’.  The importance of giving recognition to luck is that it reminds you that there is such a thing.  Consider that luck has nothing to do with money.  You are not lucky if you have money.  Money comes to each person in their time.  Most people are the same when it comes their way.  If you have money, it is your blessing to bestow.  Use it.

Luck will carry you far.  Make sure you acknowledge each piece of luck that comes your way.  It is a way of saying thankyou to the guardian that you are to yourself.  It is a way of saying thankyou to yourself for believing that you are lucky.  If you have a positive attitude towards your ‘luckiness’, you have a lot to thank your head for.  Your mind.  Your senses.  Without your senses you would neither know nor understand lucky, so be grateful for those above all.

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Home – Blog No. 90

sexyappleThe drive to go home is a strong pull.  Every one of us has a sense of ‘home’.  We will spend our entire lives travelling there.  It is the wild in you that will direct you to your beginnings.  That is why it is important to acknowledge your wild.  You will take its direction.  It is worth realising that ‘home’ for you is not necessarily ‘home’ for your partner, or others in your immediate family.  You can all be travelling, simultaneously, to different places.  Home is a resting place.  You will feel this, it is a knowing.  You know when you get there, when you leave.  The place in which you live is not necessarily your ‘home’.  It depends on how fully you inhabit it.

Home is where your heart is.  Your heart is where your truth is.  Where you send your head is where you end up.  Every time.  Home is a sanctuary.  Establish early where your ‘home’ is and map the maze that life builds for you around it.  Home will be at core.  Source.  Like a salmon can find its way miles back upstream to its beginnings, you can find your way back home should you need to.  Time and again.  For some, ‘home’ is that safe place they have in their heads – where there are sunny beaches, rainbows, fluffy bunnies.  For others, ‘home’ is their union with another person.  It is quite possible to have a relationship deep enough that it takes you both ‘home’.  I suppose in an ideal world that level of devotion would be evident in every relationship.

Home replenishes the soul.  The starving soul.  And at times every single person on this planet has a starving soul.  When you hunger for ‘home’, that is when you know.  It is visceral.  A calling.  And it grows larger the longer you ignore it.  In fact, your longing for ‘home’ is metastatic.  It starts in your heart, then it begins to overwhelm your reason for being and it conquers your conditioning, the will of the system.  You become acutely aware of its impatience gnawing at your insides – at the edges of your mind – and at some point, you must obey its call.  It is advisable to explain your call to ‘home’ when it comes, before you act on it.  Partners can feel abandoned if you should disappear for a time, on a mission to take yourself ‘home’.  Children will miss you whilst you are gone.  But partners will get over being left, and children will be happy to be reunited with you when you return, refreshed.  Going ‘home’ is cyclical.  Roll with it.

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Letting go – Blog No. 32

let-goSo you let go.  That means what, exactly?  You tell yourself in your head that you have made a conscious choice to detach yourself from a thought, an idea, a dream.  (A point in hand – do not detach yourself from too many of your dreams.  They make your present liveable).  Then you stand objective and feel how it feels to be ‘without’ whatever it was.  A person, a situation, a memory.  In analysing that feeling – the emptiness – are you honest enough to admit to yourself that lurking on the sidelines of your thinking is the forgotten whatever it was?  It is always watching you try to forget it.  You are busy trying to forget how it feels to be with that thing.  How it is to carry its weight.  It’s just not possible.  The minute you turn your back you will find that your subconscious is busy soliciting the forbidden thinking.  It’s rebellious like that.  So how to really let go?  You have to make an arrangement with your heart to let go.  Heart holds on tight.  In fact, it is a bit like a child.  It holds tight to what keeps it happy.  Your mind can understand that you must separate yourself from something that is causing complications in your life.  Your heart can’t.  Heart accepts all and this makes for complications.  Complications are put where they are to keep us from getting too easy with being.  Life demands respect and should you fail to show due respect for its display it will send you reminders that you are merely human.  Each time a complexity unveils itself in your space – like an unexpected emotional outburst, or a twist in your life path that you were not expecting – it is a small test of your capacity.  If you freak out each time life hands you something you thought you did not require, think again.  You never get what you don’t need.  You have made sure of that.  Learn to accept what it is that has been put on your plate and work with it rather than against it – that is better for your development.  If you keep fighting the learning you are sent you will have to keep being taught.  That can be guaranteed.

We have all heard this:  If you love something, set it free.  If it comes back to you it is yours.  If it doesn’t, it never was.  How about this – you are making a mistake if you set what you love, free.  You have to think of both sides.  Who are you to free what it is that you love in the first place?  It was never yours to set free, or hold on to.  Love is a force.  It is true unto itself.  Love chooses what it wants because of what you need.  It is considerate that way.  Love is alive.  It is not something superficial, something to be trifled with, something you can cling to.  You cannot cling to love.  You cannot bend it to your will.  It dictates its flow, you just have to hold on tight and know that wherever it is going will be interesting.  It is surprisingly powerful, love.  It can make you do things you thought were impossible.  It can make you push yourself harder than anything else can push you.  It can make you feel things that you cannot explain and perhaps do not want to explain.  Love defies labelling.  It is nothing but itself.  It tickles.  It hurts.  It keeps you from feeling alone – that is why it is in you in the first place.  We are born alone?  We are only born alone in the sense that until we take our first independent breath we are empty of spirit.  We die alone?  I do not think we die alone.  I think we die safe in the arms of our deepest beliefs once consciousness is shut off.  That means death is nothing to fear.  It is just a part of life.  Where your head goes – now that is where you want to be concentrating your energies.  That is where you will end up for your eternity.



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