Love is … – Blog No. 12

mozart-love-soul-geniusI have asked of others – many a time – a definition of love. If anyone knows one comprehensive definition, please give it to me. And God is Love does not qualify. It’s too bland, and besides, before you can use that statement you have to know who or what God is about. Since none of us know that, exactly, we are precluded from using the statement sweepingly until we gain a better understanding. What love is, is pure and sweet and simple. Love, too, is dark and deep and complex. The dark is necessary for the light. Love is like a compound eye. It has that many facets. Love is not blind. You are not blind to another’s faults. You can pretend to yourself and whomever else you are trying to convince that they are not there, but the truth is you see them. And each one, though on some level it may disappoint, is not something for you to judge or criticise. It is something for you to celebrate. It means – thank goodness – that that person is like you. We share common traits. In effect, we are one. Find solace in our similarities, for they are there and they are too numerous to count. I never yet met a perfect person – and I am quite relieved. I do not for one minute believe that any god watching over us would expect us to be flawless. Is God flawless? Who knows. Maybe he made some mistakes in his time. I would like to think so, half of our human charm is in our imperfections. Our mistakes help define us as individuals, as much as our successes do. Take note of why you choose what you do – and take note, too, if you will not learn from your mistakes. If you learn something from each mistake then its job is done. But, if you fail to change something about yourself – whether it be your perception, your perspective or your opinion – the same mistakes will visit you time and again. They will roll around and trip you until you DO something differently. That is the cycle of life. We will be taught until we learn. So learn to think differently. That is in your control. If God is out there watching us, he is very patient. I think he is waiting for us to stop, and focus on what matters.

What can we shift in our own lives to make space for a change? What out-moded thinking can we get rid of? We can get rid of our determination to judge other people. We spend too much time being the guardians of others’ fates. We interfere in business that is not ours to comment upon. It is important to understand that in actuality we have nothing to do with another’s fate. Our fates are our own. We are the transcribers of our own scripts, the creators of our own landscapes. If you choose to bind yourself to another’s fate, that is your business. You reserve that right. We are bound across countless paths in our lifetimes and on each we can find freedom, we just have to see what it is that we have left to learn. And there is always, always, something left to learn.


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8 responses to “Love is … – Blog No. 12

  1. I love your post on love! It is thoughtful and thought-provoking, and I couldn’t agree with you more! On my blog, I attempt to answer your question with a poem called A Four Letter Word

  2. My oldest son asked me once how do you know if you are really in love and I told him love is loving someone not because of them but in-spite of them that love is all things up and down threw and under it’s one hay of a ride, but when love is real you go through it all simply because you want to.

  3. Great post! I totally agree with you. I think we are our own creators, and we’re here to create ourselves on how we want to be. It’s up to us to learn from our own experiences.

    I think our soul is not one thing. It’s multi-facet. What we experience and learn becomes apart of us. If we refuse to grow, our spirit atrophies, and we don’t advance to the next level–whatever that might be. But I believe when we move on to the next plain of existence, we continue to have other experiences, and maybe those who were too lazy to apply themselves in this life, might have to come back to do it over again.

    I don’t know.

    Also, I sometimes wonder if we all have a choice to come back here because some of us might think we can do it better the next time around. Or, if there are other dimensions we can go to; however, we have to overcome certain things in order to enter another realm. Maybe because we’d have to have a certain understanding in order to go there. Like our second dimensional self cannot comprehend the world our third dimensional self lives in. So we’re in the third dimension, but right now we can’t fathom what it’s like in the fourth dimension. So we’re here because there are boundaries, which we need to learn as well. Just a thought.

    And in the matter of true love, I think it’s unconditional. 🙂

    • Thanks Becki. I think we can choose to return. To help ourselves, or others. I think we are all striving, on every level, for perfection. It’s innate. There is some comfort in that thought. We just need to be sensitive to who it is that we are – what it is that we are – and stand back, objective (which is not always easy), whilst watching ourselves act out our realities. I love the idea that true love is unconditional. I really do. I wish more people could understand that unconditional does not mean you condone everything your partner does, but it does mean that you love them despite their humanness. It seems that people confuse unconditional love with permissiveness. When we love, we want the best for the other. Whatever the cost.

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