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Realisations – Blog No. 31


Some realisations hit hard, like being knifed in the heart.  Others flood your being with relief.  It is the latter in which we – as a sentient people – find refuge.  That refuge for a time provides respite, it strengthens us against the next onslaught of negativity.  Negativity is bound to come and go, it is persistent in its attempts to contaminate the everyday.  Let it come.  Watch it go.  That is how to build up your resistance.  Practice does not necessarily guarantee perfection, but it gets you a lot closer to it than sitting wishing for expertise to strike you like lightning.

You will have realisations that cause you pain in this life.  I suppose that is the sad reality.  The happy reality is that one day you will come to realise that the pain was not a waste of time.  Nothing ever is, if you do it properly.  Your happy realisations will depend on who it is that you are.  What makes us wholly happy as individuals is quite specific.  What makes us sad is usually group therapy.  As it happens.

Realisations, both good and bad, are vital for the growth of our understanding – they are never to be used for overstanding.  When you learn something new, or you are shown a different way to do or improve something, you share that knowledge with those you know who will benefit from it.  You do not waste time sharing it with those who do not need to know because for them there is no benefit in repetition.  In fact, there is no point telling those people anything even once, but do it anyway.  Their deafness is not your problem, but it will save you sleepless nights in your future past.

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Purpose built – Blog No. 17

purpose built

That is why it is vital to know what your purpose on this planet, is.  Then you will understand why you have been built the way you have.  It is important not to identify too closely with your ‘build’ – it does not necessarily define you.  It can, of course, but again that depends on what your particular purpose is.  It also has something to do with how you come to realise what that purpose – your destiny – is.  When you can come to terms with, and accept, your destiny – you will find that who you are is absolutely perfect for the job you need to do.  That is why yes is a word you should use with yourself.  Should you be purpose built and deny yourself your destiny by lying when you are identifying yourself then it is fair to say that you will probably end up living the wrong life.

If you are as yet unsure about the nature of your purpose, its role in your life, there are ways to establish how to find out.  That does not take three minutes, it takes a great deal of time and selfless devotion.  If you cannot be bothered to show yourself your true reason(s) for being you are consigning yourself to the giant void that is a pointless existence.  There is nothing worse than living on this planet for a reason you are not able to give yourself.

There are those that are built – like elements are the building blocks of the universe – a certain way for a certain reason.  When we discover the value in our diversity we will be more inclined to celebrate who exactly it is that we are.  Whilst that truth eludes you, you will see difference in a fearful light and you will be inclined to fight it.  The point is that when the starter pistol began the race of time we crossed the line with a view to finishing.  Others crossed the line with the intention of winning.  Others still, crossed that line and collapsed after travelling three feeble metres.  The reason that happened is because from the beginning, they were running on empty – and the initial surge at the start reversed them.


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Circles – Blog No. 49


It is said that if you can draw freehand a perfect circle, you are certifiable. I would suggest that if you can draw freehand a perfect anything, you are probably one of a kind. That would be something worth exploiting in this contemporary world of busy businessing, if that is what you are into. Is perfection subjective? I suspect for a lot of people, it is. For the rest, it is simply a necessity. That need means there is no time to debate on the merits of perfection as opposed to its demerits.

The wheel is probably one of the better circles that was ever invented. As was the method in a mandala. If you are not clear on what a mandala is, it would perhaps be a good thing to investigate. Ask the Buddhists about their why. Perhaps the Buddhists also know why pandas have black circles around their eyes. It is worth asking.

Circles are continuity. They are consistent. Circles are not cycles. Cycles are their own entity. They depend on themselves for their shape. A circle is a definite shape. Anything less than perfect for a circle is not good enough. You cannot call a 99.9% round, a circle. A circle is 100% round. 360°, even, if you like.

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Shooting stars – Blog No. 41


Shooting stars involves taking aim. Taking aim involves skill, concentration. You do not want to miss. Shooting stars everywhere are evocative of ever, forever. Infinity. They burn fast, and bright – and out. The way it should be.

A lot of wishes are sent upon shooting stars, theirs’ is a special role in the universe. There are many, many, millions of shooting stars sparking, arcing, dying – only to come alive again in some other night sky to deliver home those wishes which are made with a pure heart. These are the only wishes that will ever manifest, real.

Shooting stars do not arrive when you decide that it’s time. They arrive when they are primed and ready to fly. When their timing is perfect. Should you be searching the skies with your eyes and you happen to witness a shooting star’s passage through time, know that you have been included in a moment of magic. Pure magic.

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Timing – Blog No. 83

just-a-pinch-buddah-perfect-timingTiming is everything in life.  Just think, you cannot force a rose to bloom.  You cannot hurry up a caterpillar with its business of changing into a butterfly.  You stand back, and you watch.  When the time is right these things happen.  They know when.  If you are a wise person, you will appreciate every stage of the changing.  You will allow things to become what they must, in their own good time and you will marvel – with hindsight – at the process.  Hindsight is a tool.  Use it.  It is helpful when you want to get a feel for how far you have come.

Timing is vital.  If you jump at the wrong moment, for instance, you will land badly.  If you are going to leap, you must time your leap perfectly.  The only way to do that is to trust instinct implicitly when it comes to you, insisting.  Instinct will have all its reasons lined up and ready for inspection should you be able to stay quiet for long enough for them to make themselves heard.  You have to listen carefully to its justifications, instinct can explain your very purpose on the planet.

You are not where you are in time, by accident.  Your timing is your responsibility.  Use it to perfect yourself to benefit mankind.  Keep in mind that your version of a perfect self is whatever perfect means to you.  Perfect is being in a place where you like yourself, your contribution to the world.  If you are not in that place then you must ask yourself why.  There are always reasons why, you must just feel like hearing them.  If you can do something that no one else can do, do it so that others can see.  We can all benefit from that kind of sharing.  If you do not yet know what you are capable of, then learn.  There is always time for that.

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Relationships – Blog No. 81

Family-Relationships-bingoWhat are the components of a perfect love relationship?  You both get what you need.  You do not judge one another for being who you are – which means you do not piss each other off, or disappoint each other.  You want the best for your other half – which means you want them to be happy, whatever that takes.  If you are not interested in a perfect relationship then why are you in one?  Of course these components are ideals.  Subscribe to them.  We live in an idealistic society.  In case you did not yet notice there are a lot of people in this world who expect perfection and so they should.  Nature is perfect.  Perfect in her execution, her delivery.  If you need an example, follow hers.

If you are not in a relationship with someone you love you are not developing as a human being.  You cannot develop your connections, your social skills on your own.  Your relationships – all of them – mould your person.  Be brave in relationships, you will learn a lot.  If you do not have or care about having social skills, then that is another matter altogether.   Relationships are usually challenging – it is not often you find a perfect love relationship.  Know they do exist.  If you wish to have one you must expect to search for it.  You do not just happen upon perfection.  You need to want it, and you have to know how you are going to get it.

You should get to make choices in your relationships.  In this day and age you should not be forced to be with someone because another person says you must.  That is ridiculous.  Arranged situations are no longer necessary, they went out with the ark.  Know that if you believe in match-making because you will somehow gain from the association, you must change your thinking.  That kind of strategic breeding has had its day.  It is no longer the best way forwards.  You need to let go of your old ideas.  You may not dictate who another might – or might not – love.  That never works.  Love decides who is best for who.  Not you.

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Life/Death – Blog No. 27

Mother_Nature_by_pincel3dConsider that when your energy moves from this incarnation into another one, your journey continues.  Your starting point is where you left off.  You do not escape your fate.  Each time we leave we take with us our learning and when we return to adopt a new embodiment we face upon our paths further trials that will teach us to respect the mistakes we have made during the cycle of our lifetimes.  Understand that should you be bound back to earth, or choose to return time and again, each time you come back to take human form you commit to a life of learning.  This is no small undertaking.  The only way to extract yourself from this natural cycle is to kill yourself, and the flow of life does not look favourably on those who patently refuse to learn.  Life is not precious about who it teaches, what.  It has plenty to show us, so much to share with us.  You need to connect with your life, open to it, in order to receive its gifts.  If you are closed, you receive nothing.  You receive nothing because you are giving nothing.  Life is an energy, a living force, a history in motion.  We are the sum of our histories, the picture of our pasts.  You are not a snapshot, happening.  You are in continuum.  It is important to remember that life happens for us, not to us.  We should appreciate its show.  Also, know that life is not personal and therefore it should not be taken personally.  Death is not personal, either.  It just is.  When your due day is approaching, you may know about it, you may not.  You should not know exactly your last moment.  That is not for you to know.  Think – if you know about it you are taking big risks.  You are throwing down a gauntlet.  When you take your own life you are stealing breath from Nature’s lungs.  Nature does not like thieves.  She does not understand how a human being cannot honour living by showing trust – no matter how drastic a depression or challenging one’s circumstance.  Hers is the life-force and it does not know how to stop striving to keep us all alive.  Should you cut short her transfusion to you, you will suffer the outcome of that severence.  That outcome is a lonely place to be.  Nature moves on with her business.  She does not loiter in the shadows, begging for alms, pleading her case or yours.  She takes stock and she moves on towards equilibrium.  We should realise that we are all on her path to equilibrium.  Each of us.  We should sit back and happen, watch ourselves act, trust in her guidance, because it is what will get us to the other side.  The other side is where we exist, at perfection.  Each of us.  That place perfection is real.  There are those who have achieved perfection with their lives.  Not many, but there are those.   Utopia does exist.  Living and dying are equally likely to find you a place there.  It just depends how you live, and how you die.  You must be sure when you die that you have all your ducks in a row.  You cannot die with business unfinished.  When you take your life you are taking yourself out of the equation and leaving unfinished business.  Nature does not like unfinished business.  She will insist that you return to pick up your own mess.  No one is in charge of your life, but you.  Nature was in charge of your birth.  She  is in charge of your death. Trust that she knows best your moment to go.  Take that privilege from her and you will find yourself lost on the other side without a ready guide.  That is Nature’s way.   Should you wish to take her on, you will see that she will simply transform you.  She transforms herself, all the time.  To transform us is her job.  She doesn’t take lightly to having her job dictated by humans.  She will collect you when she is ready, not before.

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Love is … – Blog No. 12

mozart-love-soul-geniusI have asked of others – many a time – a definition of love. If anyone knows one comprehensive definition, please give it to me. And God is Love does not qualify. It’s too bland, and besides, before you can use that statement you have to know who or what God is about. Since none of us know that, exactly, we are precluded from using the statement sweepingly until we gain a better understanding. What love is, is pure and sweet and simple. Love, too, is dark and deep and complex. The dark is necessary for the light. Love is like a compound eye. It has that many facets. Love is not blind. You are not blind to another’s faults. You can pretend to yourself and whomever else you are trying to convince that they are not there, but the truth is you see them. And each one, though on some level it may disappoint, is not something for you to judge or criticise. It is something for you to celebrate. It means – thank goodness – that that person is like you. We share common traits. In effect, we are one. Find solace in our similarities, for they are there and they are too numerous to count. I never yet met a perfect person – and I am quite relieved. I do not for one minute believe that any god watching over us would expect us to be flawless. Is God flawless? Who knows. Maybe he made some mistakes in his time. I would like to think so, half of our human charm is in our imperfections. Our mistakes help define us as individuals, as much as our successes do. Take note of why you choose what you do – and take note, too, if you will not learn from your mistakes. If you learn something from each mistake then its job is done. But, if you fail to change something about yourself – whether it be your perception, your perspective or your opinion – the same mistakes will visit you time and again. They will roll around and trip you until you DO something differently. That is the cycle of life. We will be taught until we learn. So learn to think differently. That is in your control. If God is out there watching us, he is very patient. I think he is waiting for us to stop, and focus on what matters.

What can we shift in our own lives to make space for a change? What out-moded thinking can we get rid of? We can get rid of our determination to judge other people. We spend too much time being the guardians of others’ fates. We interfere in business that is not ours to comment upon. It is important to understand that in actuality we have nothing to do with another’s fate. Our fates are our own. We are the transcribers of our own scripts, the creators of our own landscapes. If you choose to bind yourself to another’s fate, that is your business. You reserve that right. We are bound across countless paths in our lifetimes and on each we can find freedom, we just have to see what it is that we have left to learn. And there is always, always, something left to learn.


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