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Common sense – Blog No. 34


You have a common sense.  Be daring and use it every day.  I am sure people are afraid of common sense.  There are so many terms and conditions applicable to almost every transaction made these days because people have to be told how to think.  They do not know how to distinguish between safe, and unsafe, it would seem.  There has to be a label on every label to make sure people understand the most basic things.  What has happened to simple living intelligence?  What are schools teaching children if it is not to think for themselves?  What have parents been teaching their children, if it is not to think for themselves?  Perhaps the hysterical labelling on every product is due to the billion dollar litigation business that happens globally, where the cases are often settled in favour of the customer who is suing an organisation for their ‘negligence’.  Litigation is largely out of hand.  You do not sue the council if you trip over a cracked pavement.  You watch where you are walking.  Blaming is a big part of this planet’s culture and it is not productive.  It teaches people not to be accountable for themselves.

Think about it.  Common sense should prevail in every situation in which you find yourself.  It should be well-developed enough to get you from A to B without you tripping over your own indecision.  A common sense is inherent.  You must just tap into it.  Instinct and common sense are very good partners, when your common sense is well-developed you can act on instinct and be pretty sure that your outcome is going to be favourable.  I suppose common sense is like the jury in a judge-and-jury system.  It is a round-up of thoughts, of considerations, of estimations, in order to provide the most effective course of action for you to take when faced with a dilemma of any sort.  Using common sense always has favourable results.  Always.  Common sense comes from the experience of centuries.  It is worth finding for yourself, and using.

Common sense is like the safety on a weapon.  Without it on, fatalities happen.  They may not, but they can.  It is better to have 0% chance of fatalities.  Apply your safety.  Use your common sense.




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Hate vs Love – Blog No. 48

love_and_hate_by_baro24Imagine these two entities – hate and love – crashing into each other.  In this world, which would wield greater power?  Considering that hate vibes are resonating out there in the astonishing numbers that they are, I think love would take quite a hit should they converge.  Like a kick in the solar plexus.  I choose to believe that there is more love in our world than hate.  I think the love will overwhelm the hate in due course and equilibrium will be restored.  Before that happens, there is a lot of work to do.  There is a lot of giving to do.  Start giving to the world today if you do not already contribute to its wellbeing.  It is easy.  Tidy your thoughts.  Clean up your mind, get the hate you have simmering inside of you OUT.  The way to do that is to purge yourself of its negative energy.  Pull it into view and look at it, assess the energy you allocate to hating.  Would that energy not be better spent elsewhere?  You have to ask yourself why you want to hate.  Why do you choose to be negative when positive is a choice you can make?

Hating circumstance is not the end of the world, hating a certain food is not a problem.  Hating people is a problem.  People-hating people are a problem.  It is sometimes hard not to hate.  I hate idiots.  It has to be said.  But each time I encounter an idiot I try to remind myself that they are probably ignorant and/or emotionally immature.  That does not make me much more tolerant of them, but it does stop me from wasting too much thought-time on their stupidity.  Hating personally is a dangerous game to play.  When you will assassinate another’s character you need to take yourself in hand.  What do you achieve when you spend time judging other people for the way they choose to live their lives?  Their lives are nothing to do with you.  When this world conquers its tendency to try and manage others’ affairs through manipulation or criticism we will all be better off.  Since when was it your business to make another’s life a misery by imposing your judgement on their days?  Observe what is going on in your environment instead of judging it.  Do not attach values to happenings.  Allow happenings to happen and allow people to be.  A lot of people are doing the best they can.  Watch people and try to understand what motivates them.  With some people it is easy – nothing motivates them.  Do not waste your time on these people.  Spend your time on and with people who are motivated for change.  Those who do not want to hear of change – of improvement – will be left behind in the rush to the future.  Should you wish to be left behind then you know exactly what you must do.

Love always wins.  You can take comfort in that thought if you have no other thoughts in which to take comfort.  If you have only got negative thoughts you need to change your life by changing the way you think about things.  Instead of thinking about what you hate in someone, think about how it must be for them to live with themselves.  When you are a shitty person your life is not easy.  Keep your bad vibes to yourself where possible.  Nobody else wants them and just keep in mind that when you send them out, they return to slap you on the back of the head.  Guaranteed.  So.  Don’t act like an idiot.  Don’t think like an idiot.  Leave people to their stories.  We all have them.


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Love is … – Blog No. 12

mozart-love-soul-geniusI have asked of others – many a time – a definition of love. If anyone knows one comprehensive definition, please give it to me. And God is Love does not qualify. It’s too bland, and besides, before you can use that statement you have to know who or what God is about. Since none of us know that, exactly, we are precluded from using the statement sweepingly until we gain a better understanding. What love is, is pure and sweet and simple. Love, too, is dark and deep and complex. The dark is necessary for the light. Love is like a compound eye. It has that many facets. Love is not blind. You are not blind to another’s faults. You can pretend to yourself and whomever else you are trying to convince that they are not there, but the truth is you see them. And each one, though on some level it may disappoint, is not something for you to judge or criticise. It is something for you to celebrate. It means – thank goodness – that that person is like you. We share common traits. In effect, we are one. Find solace in our similarities, for they are there and they are too numerous to count. I never yet met a perfect person – and I am quite relieved. I do not for one minute believe that any god watching over us would expect us to be flawless. Is God flawless? Who knows. Maybe he made some mistakes in his time. I would like to think so, half of our human charm is in our imperfections. Our mistakes help define us as individuals, as much as our successes do. Take note of why you choose what you do – and take note, too, if you will not learn from your mistakes. If you learn something from each mistake then its job is done. But, if you fail to change something about yourself – whether it be your perception, your perspective or your opinion – the same mistakes will visit you time and again. They will roll around and trip you until you DO something differently. That is the cycle of life. We will be taught until we learn. So learn to think differently. That is in your control. If God is out there watching us, he is very patient. I think he is waiting for us to stop, and focus on what matters.

What can we shift in our own lives to make space for a change? What out-moded thinking can we get rid of? We can get rid of our determination to judge other people. We spend too much time being the guardians of others’ fates. We interfere in business that is not ours to comment upon. It is important to understand that in actuality we have nothing to do with another’s fate. Our fates are our own. We are the transcribers of our own scripts, the creators of our own landscapes. If you choose to bind yourself to another’s fate, that is your business. You reserve that right. We are bound across countless paths in our lifetimes and on each we can find freedom, we just have to see what it is that we have left to learn. And there is always, always, something left to learn.


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