How real are you? – Blog No. 30

inner-childHow seriously do you take yourself?  I hope that you pay yourself due attention.  Know when to be serious about your life, but know that if you are too serious you run the risk of missing the point of being.  We are also on this planet to play.  Each of us humans has a child inside of us that requires indulgence and parenting.  Even if you have no children of your own, realise that you are still a parent.  You are a parent to yourself.  You cannot avoid this role.  That voice you hear nagging in your head, that chase you feel in yourself when you are doing right, or wrong, that is part of being responsible for your person.  Do you respect your inner parent?  How do you respond to its criticism?  Do you hear criticism, or do you hear words of love and encouragement?  Listen and decide.  What type of parent are you?  Analyse your patterns and your proclivities.  As both child, and parent.  You will see in your style of parenting your understanding of yourself.  You want to understand yourself, your inner child.  You will find in the child your shelved dreams.  Your core beliefs.  How you respond to the world of your inner child is of grave consequence.  Should you show no respect for its evidence you will find yourself relying solely on your conditioning to get you by in this life of trials.  The child has no qualms about leaving you to your own devices.  It has enough with which to occupy itself.  Should you ignore it, it will ignore you.  A warning – do not rely on your conditioning.  It is not who you are.  It is who you have learned to be and in that you may as well be an automaton.  Be who you are.  Work around that which is already in you – your conditioning.  It is essential if we wish to meet our real selves.  Separate from what you know.  Find yourself in the unknown.

Your parent is a construct.  Understand that. You have built it into what it is.  Now take its essence and mould it to the kind of parent you know your inner child needs.  Make the conscious choice to give yourself what is necessary to bring out your best.  That is in your power.  It is good to know you have power.  Use it.


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3 responses to “How real are you? – Blog No. 30

  1. U Inspire me in a Bigway thanks and keep up with yur Awesome uplifting Caring works and deeds St. Helena bay and South African Greetings

  2. I am sorry but I don’t want to be roman catholic, I respond. “You are going to the cathedral by Capone stateville prison, bow down in front of the priest on Thanksgiving, denounce all other religions, accept the roman catholic religion as your only faith, and kiss the priests ring in front of the congregation.” I will not! “But aren’t you afraid that you are going to be tormented, tortured, and go to hell for killing our savior and denying our virgin Mary.” Any religion that does that to anyone I will not be part of and I am offended by you. “You need to learn our roman catholic church is the law of man and you will do as we tell you. You better get out of this area and do it fast. We are not going to let you make us look bad.” And they practice political persecution on me kicking me when they can and they deny what they do and say he must be schizophrenic, but law enforcement from their church are caught in the criminal act of false charge, reports, and testimonies against me in an attempt to bury me in prison. What the hell kind of religion does that? Does anyone wonder who raise a Hitler from hell and brings that hatred on earth? I am surprised that their own patrons of that religion, don’t put an end to their owning you by your soul like the devil possess you. Lift the wool from your eyes and see what they do to others.

  3. CJ. I love your statement about one’s conditioning not being who they are at the core. The amygdala is both a blessing and a curse. We all need to realize that the “movies” our brain plays are just that – movies that reflect our past, our conditioning and are not who we are! Balance in all things! “The me I see is the me I’ll be” – Anonymous. Thanks for the reminder to play. I think I’ll do some of that today! Hugs till later!

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