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Purpose built – Blog No. 17

purpose built

That is why it is vital to know what your purpose on this planet, is.  Then you will understand why you have been built the way you have.  It is important not to identify too closely with your ‘build’ – it does not necessarily define you.  It can, of course, but again that depends on what your particular purpose is.  It also has something to do with how you come to realise what that purpose – your destiny – is.  When you can come to terms with, and accept, your destiny – you will find that who you are is absolutely perfect for the job you need to do.  That is why yes is a word you should use with yourself.  Should you be purpose built and deny yourself your destiny by lying when you are identifying yourself then it is fair to say that you will probably end up living the wrong life.

If you are as yet unsure about the nature of your purpose, its role in your life, there are ways to establish how to find out.  That does not take three minutes, it takes a great deal of time and selfless devotion.  If you cannot be bothered to show yourself your true reason(s) for being you are consigning yourself to the giant void that is a pointless existence.  There is nothing worse than living on this planet for a reason you are not able to give yourself.

There are those that are built – like elements are the building blocks of the universe – a certain way for a certain reason.  When we discover the value in our diversity we will be more inclined to celebrate who exactly it is that we are.  Whilst that truth eludes you, you will see difference in a fearful light and you will be inclined to fight it.  The point is that when the starter pistol began the race of time we crossed the line with a view to finishing.  Others crossed the line with the intention of winning.  Others still, crossed that line and collapsed after travelling three feeble metres.  The reason that happened is because from the beginning, they were running on empty – and the initial surge at the start reversed them.


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Protection – Blog No. 17

av-protectionDo we all have the same psychology when it comes to seeking protection?  Is the drive of an asylum-seeker the same as the tendency a child has to hide behind its parents’ legs?  Are women entering into marriages sold in catalogues because the prospect of a new life – a better life with a man that’s buying – outweighs the thought of having to sell yourself to get there?  Perhaps the illusion of safety is what causes many women to marry men they really should not be marrying.  Men, after all, are the protectors.  They have always been the protectors.  Some men are cut out for this kind of work.  Others are not.  Choose wisely what you need in a partner – both men and women should choose carefully – and remember that you do not need to marry the first person you become involved with or become familiar with.  You cannot even begin to appreciate a person until you have learned who it is that they are.  That learning does not take three minutes.

You cannot find a mould that men ‘ought’ to fit in this day and age, their role is varied.  There are providers and protectors, there are hands-on dads and house-husbands.  There are workaholics and sugar-daddies.  There are a lot of men dealing with women who have daddy issues.  Perhaps the women with daddy issues were deprived of that ‘protected’ feeling as children.  Perhaps theirs’ were absent fathers.  Shy fathers.  Scared fathers.  Aggressive fathers.  The balance in society is out.  There are too many females seeking protection in a world whose hard currency is women.  If ever there was a catch 22, that is it.  That means women need to become stronger still, work smarter.  This world is in flux and those who do not change with it stand to lose their futures.

Women are entitled to protect themselves from every kind of abuse.  How they do that is their enterprise.  Men are as entitled as women are, to protect themselves.  It is vital to know that you cannot make vulnerable a person who stands for themselves.  Standing for yourself is like suiting up in armour.  It is an act of courage.  A wise idea.  When you get to a place where you expect ultimate protection from none other than yourself and the tools made available to you, you are stronger than any abuser, any violator’s tactics.  Do not allow yourself to be belittled, no matter who you are.  Protect yourself from others’ bitterness and protect yourself from becoming a mere number here on Earth.  There is more to life than being a number.

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How real are you? – Blog No. 30

inner-childHow seriously do you take yourself?  I hope that you pay yourself due attention.  Know when to be serious about your life, but know that if you are too serious you run the risk of missing the point of being.  We are also on this planet to play.  Each of us humans has a child inside of us that requires indulgence and parenting.  Even if you have no children of your own, realise that you are still a parent.  You are a parent to yourself.  You cannot avoid this role.  That voice you hear nagging in your head, that chase you feel in yourself when you are doing right, or wrong, that is part of being responsible for your person.  Do you respect your inner parent?  How do you respond to its criticism?  Do you hear criticism, or do you hear words of love and encouragement?  Listen and decide.  What type of parent are you?  Analyse your patterns and your proclivities.  As both child, and parent.  You will see in your style of parenting your understanding of yourself.  You want to understand yourself, your inner child.  You will find in the child your shelved dreams.  Your core beliefs.  How you respond to the world of your inner child is of grave consequence.  Should you show no respect for its evidence you will find yourself relying solely on your conditioning to get you by in this life of trials.  The child has no qualms about leaving you to your own devices.  It has enough with which to occupy itself.  Should you ignore it, it will ignore you.  A warning – do not rely on your conditioning.  It is not who you are.  It is who you have learned to be and in that you may as well be an automaton.  Be who you are.  Work around that which is already in you – your conditioning.  It is essential if we wish to meet our real selves.  Separate from what you know.  Find yourself in the unknown.

Your parent is a construct.  Understand that. You have built it into what it is.  Now take its essence and mould it to the kind of parent you know your inner child needs.  Make the conscious choice to give yourself what is necessary to bring out your best.  That is in your power.  It is good to know you have power.  Use it.


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