Instinct – Blog No. 37

instinctInstinct is not your sixth sense.  Your sixth sense is extra-sensory perception.  Instinct is there to be heeded.  It is not a fleeting feeling that you cannot pin down, it is a concrete feeling that you cannot pretend you do not have.  We all have strong instincts.  A lot of us are just good at suppressing them.  We teach ourselves to ignore our instincts, too.  This is not productive.  Instincts are powerful enough to make us act when we let them.  When you have to trust your instincts – and we all rely on their being there when we need them – you find yourself acting quickly, decisively.  Your instincts steer you towards the ‘safest’ option for your human in a given situation.  A driving instinct is our desire to survive.  Most of us operate on auto-pilot in this regard.

I think some days how fragile our existence, really.  We need air to breathe, otherwise we die.  Simple.  We need trees to produce oxygen.  Why are we letting deforestation go ahead?  Why are we allowing certain nations to decimate their jungles?  There should be someone who can say no to these things and have people listen for a change – someone who has the ears of a collection of civilised leaders.  The jungles do not belong to the people.  They belong to the earth.  She should be considered in all of this.  Like the animals should be considered in all of this.

How much longer are the humans going to waste going in the direction of money?  Money is helpful but it must be kept in perspective.  It does good when it’s used properly, but it also makes palm oil plantations grow.  It makes logging a viable option for a lot of people.  It makes dogs fight, cocks fight.  It makes circuses trap animals and it kills rhinos, whales.  Money makes sex into big business.  How do we slow down a people obsessed with its power?  Money in this world is a god.  It is worshipped as such.  How can it be in a world this rich that the global economy is failing?  There is too much about this man looking out for himself only, and that man taking more than his fair share.  When you have this imbalance you have a problem.  You do not have to give the shirt off your back to the next homeless guy you see.  That is not what charity is about.  Just be aware that as a person taking up space on this planet you are obliged to give something back.  Every single human has that duty.  There are currently too many takers, not enough givers.  And you cannot say you have nothing to give.  You give of yourself if you cannot give materially.



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2 responses to “Instinct – Blog No. 37

  1. wonderful post, thank you.

  2. This is precisely what I’m referring to in “The Walk” ( when I refer to the need for a global reset. All of creation groans under the strains of greed and avarice.

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