Hate vs Love – Blog No. 48

love_and_hate_by_baro24Imagine these two entities – hate and love – crashing into each other.  In this world, which would wield greater power?  Considering that hate vibes are resonating out there in the astonishing numbers that they are, I think love would take quite a hit should they converge.  Like a kick in the solar plexus.  I choose to believe that there is more love in our world than hate.  I think the love will overwhelm the hate in due course and equilibrium will be restored.  Before that happens, there is a lot of work to do.  There is a lot of giving to do.  Start giving to the world today if you do not already contribute to its wellbeing.  It is easy.  Tidy your thoughts.  Clean up your mind, get the hate you have simmering inside of you OUT.  The way to do that is to purge yourself of its negative energy.  Pull it into view and look at it, assess the energy you allocate to hating.  Would that energy not be better spent elsewhere?  You have to ask yourself why you want to hate.  Why do you choose to be negative when positive is a choice you can make?

Hating circumstance is not the end of the world, hating a certain food is not a problem.  Hating people is a problem.  People-hating people are a problem.  It is sometimes hard not to hate.  I hate idiots.  It has to be said.  But each time I encounter an idiot I try to remind myself that they are probably ignorant and/or emotionally immature.  That does not make me much more tolerant of them, but it does stop me from wasting too much thought-time on their stupidity.  Hating personally is a dangerous game to play.  When you will assassinate another’s character you need to take yourself in hand.  What do you achieve when you spend time judging other people for the way they choose to live their lives?  Their lives are nothing to do with you.  When this world conquers its tendency to try and manage others’ affairs through manipulation or criticism we will all be better off.  Since when was it your business to make another’s life a misery by imposing your judgement on their days?  Observe what is going on in your environment instead of judging it.  Do not attach values to happenings.  Allow happenings to happen and allow people to be.  A lot of people are doing the best they can.  Watch people and try to understand what motivates them.  With some people it is easy – nothing motivates them.  Do not waste your time on these people.  Spend your time on and with people who are motivated for change.  Those who do not want to hear of change – of improvement – will be left behind in the rush to the future.  Should you wish to be left behind then you know exactly what you must do.

Love always wins.  You can take comfort in that thought if you have no other thoughts in which to take comfort.  If you have only got negative thoughts you need to change your life by changing the way you think about things.  Instead of thinking about what you hate in someone, think about how it must be for them to live with themselves.  When you are a shitty person your life is not easy.  Keep your bad vibes to yourself where possible.  Nobody else wants them and just keep in mind that when you send them out, they return to slap you on the back of the head.  Guaranteed.  So.  Don’t act like an idiot.  Don’t think like an idiot.  Leave people to their stories.  We all have them.


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4 responses to “Hate vs Love – Blog No. 48

  1. Once again, enjoyed reading this post. No specific comment from me because what you wrote I like. Stays like that! Keep up the good posts 🙂

  2. Love often fades, But Hate is forever. Unfortunately Evil is easier than Good because Evil doesn’t have to DO anything to exist. It actually takes splendid effort for someone to do Good. Man creates Evil by his own Free Will to satisfy his out of control, self-serving ID. Without a healthy SUPER-EGO to provide balance Evil becomes more appealing than Good.
    The Liberal media feeds the Evil “bad-boy” attraction by making Good seem boring and outdated. Good people are often portrayed as wimps. How many “famous” criminals and villians can you name compared to GOOD, Heroes? Is Jesus Christ more famous than HITLER? It might be a toss-up only if one is a Christian.
    In summary, I agree that LOVE is the answer, however, I’m not sure of the Question.

    • Fox news fits the definition of liberal media–everything is bad; fear and gloom is the sensational forecast. “The good is so often buried with his bones. So let it be with Caesar.”. Let us wash our hands of that blood for everyone to see us.

  3. “We don’t want your business. You are running away R conservative customers. Leave now or we will call R police. Piss off a liberal and make them fight for everything they have so we can drive them insane, send them to prison, and make them gay.” Some civic platform. Like they are sabotaging a political party and isolating others by trampling on their civil rights..

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