Longevity – Blog No. 52


What can be considered a fair life-expectancy? Or should we not have expectations when it comes to our deaths? There are those for whom life without expectations is as pointless as death is without its permanence. There are those for whom it isn’t.

Keep yourself the way you need to be kept and you will live for a long time. Deny yourself your necessary and you will die what is commonly called ‘before your time’. Living, laughing and loving are excellent for longevity. Practice them. They are free. If you cannot find anything to laugh about, anything to love, or any reason to live, you need to think again. It’s that simple.

There are a lot of people who are hoping to live forever. They must have a reason for that. There are a lot of medicines that keep dead people walking and perhaps that is called progress in some countries. It would appear that the many children walking the planet today would appreciate a planet to walk on. Their longevity is dependent on the planet we give them to appreciate.


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2 responses to “Longevity – Blog No. 52

  1. I like what you have written on the subject.

  2. In book, Raise the Flag: Lean Thy Arms, the stories start when I am in eighth grade and our principal keeps me in school with an after hours lesson, like working overtime, like going the extra mile, so pay attention when you read this story because this makes a difference. Forty years later, how awesome this is when I present Principal Galloway, who is 96 and a WW2 vet with a hardcover book. And those adversaries curse, threaten, and slander me and inflict pain and punishment upon me like they are rabid possessed animals like taliban terrorists, like bullies in the USA.

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