Divine intervention – Blog No. 18


I look at divine in the context of ‘like a god’.  Not ‘as a god’.  I believe that when you divine a need – your need, for example – you are not guessing what is necessary, you are intuiting a solution.  When you are divining your outcome – your future, for example – you are guessing.  That is not necessary.  Your future is not in your hands.  Technically, your future you do not need.  You may want it, but you do not need it.  Your immediate needs are more pressing.  I would attend them.

Divine is in aspect, magical.  When you consider that the word ‘god’ is what we have chosen to assume is associated with ‘divinity’ you will perhaps understand that the word is in dire need of redefining.  As is the word ‘lawlessness’.  I have said that before today.  Scientists snigger up their sleeves at magic.  They have to – if they accepted its actuality it would probably disassociate their focus.  That is as well.  We all have our ways.  Our means to the end.  The scientists find the explanations.  That is lucky for us.

Divination is a tricky business.  You should not get into it unless you are prepared to learn from it your real truth.  Like you should not open your mouth unless you know what you are talking about.  That is a simple lesson to learn.  Like the lesson that dreams are personal.  Divination is never inference.  Ever.  It is wisdom.  It is a medium through which myriad spirits speak.  If you cannot – or will not – hear the delivery of centuries’  wisdom, that is unfortunate.

I suspect your death, then, was a blessing in disguise.


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2 responses to “Divine intervention – Blog No. 18

  1. For Vietnam, I remember what they call the generation gap and they force them to go to Vietnam and deprive them social economically to make a divide in the voters and to control the elections. After the war ends they do this to me again by accusing me of dodging the draft but the draft ends and how they missed me in the draft and they pester and torment me on the job for their religion and politics, so I cannot concentrate and the cause me health problems physically and psychologically.

  2. quangbright

    A super revolutionary of the United States of America now.
    President Obama has estimated to the United States Department of Justice that should be reformed by our American Congress that our president Obama has equally realized perfectly. Because our justice must reform in order to win all of the hearts of the American people and human beings again, our justice does not only service for the American powerful but also not consider to the weak American people and the weak nations again. In fact, all of the American people without American powerful, either – or, without poor, we have taken an oath loyalty with our American flag and United States Constitution, we are equal before the American Courts. However, the American powerful are freely sat on the United States Constitution when the weak Americans ought to keep the Oath loyalty on their heads. If an weak American did to look like the Bush’s son, this American citizen must go to the jail when the American court judged him have crime lies; either, for example, Mr. Edward Snowden, he was revealing the secret news to public, he is prosecuted by his unfaithful with his oath loyalty to American flag and United States Constitution, yet an American leader who is Petraeus has been offering the American secret news for his mistress, he said apologizes for American Congress. So our law is not equal in all, the law did not authorize saying apologizes when a crime who was violated by the American Constitution. Another, the Kissinger did not only sit on our American Constitution but also betray in himself since he has torn the peace agreement in Paris in 1973 during the Vietnam War is approved by the United States Constitution. If the innocent Americans did to look like those leaders, they were only judged to send to jails by the American Courts. Therefore, his prism of President Obama is logic, he is a super revolutionary of the United States of America now.

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