Purpose built – Blog No. 17

purpose built

That is why it is vital to know what your purpose on this planet, is.  Then you will understand why you have been built the way you have.  It is important not to identify too closely with your ‘build’ – it does not necessarily define you.  It can, of course, but again that depends on what your particular purpose is.  It also has something to do with how you come to realise what that purpose – your destiny – is.  When you can come to terms with, and accept, your destiny – you will find that who you are is absolutely perfect for the job you need to do.  That is why yes is a word you should use with yourself.  Should you be purpose built and deny yourself your destiny by lying when you are identifying yourself then it is fair to say that you will probably end up living the wrong life.

If you are as yet unsure about the nature of your purpose, its role in your life, there are ways to establish how to find out.  That does not take three minutes, it takes a great deal of time and selfless devotion.  If you cannot be bothered to show yourself your true reason(s) for being you are consigning yourself to the giant void that is a pointless existence.  There is nothing worse than living on this planet for a reason you are not able to give yourself.

There are those that are built – like elements are the building blocks of the universe – a certain way for a certain reason.  When we discover the value in our diversity we will be more inclined to celebrate who exactly it is that we are.  Whilst that truth eludes you, you will see difference in a fearful light and you will be inclined to fight it.  The point is that when the starter pistol began the race of time we crossed the line with a view to finishing.  Others crossed the line with the intention of winning.  Others still, crossed that line and collapsed after travelling three feeble metres.  The reason that happened is because from the beginning, they were running on empty – and the initial surge at the start reversed them.


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3 responses to “Purpose built – Blog No. 17

  1. quangbright

    Dear everyone,
    Bright Quang Author, he will be publishing his new book when he is named Capitalism Will Be bankrupted by its Distrust, his book is a long story. As a result, he has really confronted with two doctrines that’s communism and Capitalism, so these are will be deleted completely by our human beings in the future. After that, our human beings will be created a new doctrine in order to protect for all of the human beings without war and animosity, only have happiness, peace and justice because communism and capitalism are always deceiving for the innocent human beings. As we have seen after World War II, our human beings are trampled down by their modern weapon without philanthropy. Because the civilization of human beings have increasing to follow with modern science, the human beings will progress up in order to open fire a newest way in order to change an old way.

  2. quangbright

    To compare for both hurtful events
    if we, the human beings, ought to compare for both painful events of September 11, 2001 and Black April 30, 1975. Not only have so much of innocent people were dead but also have more honest people to be a chess of the Chinese game. As we know about the rich is cut a finger by accident knife when the poor is wounded body by bombed war. Because the human beings are always praise for the rich, they do not consider to the poor.
    The September 11, 2001, our enemy had killed to the three thousands of innocent American citizens that the terrorism is very barbarous men because their body did not have any brain and good heart.
    When comparing to September 11, 2001 and Black April 30, 1975, we are pitiful for the Vietnamese people, they are unhappy and special for the one millions of the Southern soldiers because they are betrayed by their modern super nation of the United States. in fact, the three hundred thousands of Southern officers were imprisoned for the long time when their families were bankrupted by the invaded war of the United States.
    When the sorrowful event of September 11, 2001, our world nodded heads in order to mourn over. However, Black April 30, 1975 has unhappily taken place to not only innocent Vietnamese people but one excellent millions of Southern soldiers were lost life by their super nation. And then, no one mourns over them, but only have many American strategists have been happy more than everything in their life because they have sold off their Southern soldiers alliance to enemy of communist China. They have been making rich and earning good money, but their Southern soldiers were imprisoned and broken up all of their families by the heart of the United States policy.

  3. The story’s saying, “A bad beginning makes a good end.” If our super nation of the United States of America would like to be respectful for human rights of the worldwide or so-called is we respect for human beings than the barbarous wars, so leader Putin could not invade to Ukrainian nation and sent his soldiers to Syria.
    As we understand our world is a super way that is arrogant more than philanthropy, our world will be had polymorphous super nations that they ought to conquer each other, so our world would be peaceful.
    If our nation of the United States of American is ruled human beings by our all of the heart of philanthropy, our nation will be ruling all world for the long run. However, our nation of the United States of America wishes to take the human body in order to test for new modern weapons and to trample down the human dignity, honor down, so the Putin should perform his heroic man in order to rule the world.
    As we know about each age of the human beings, which has one super emperor for leading the worldwide. However, for this super emperor would be conquered all the hearts of people by its philanthropy, so it will be existing for the long run, it this super emperor is ruled human beings by its barbarous wars, it is no longer natural selection’s rules of the heaven and earth.

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